Mango: A Nutritional Storehouse

Mango is often called the ‘King of Fruits’ for its rich flavor and texture. Once popular in the subcontinent of India only, this fruit has now crossed the boundaries to make a mark in the hearts of people all over the world. It is a tropical fruit which has innumerable varieties and is presently being grown in many parts of the world, especially in Central and South America. But mango is not all about taste only. It is a great fruit to contribute to healthy living. It is quite helpful in a number of ailments and has some nutritional benefits as well.Mangoes are one of the best known sources of beta-carotene. It also contains two other antioxidants, quercetin and astragalin. All the three play vital parts in neutralizing the free radicals which can become a cause of cancer, heart diseases or premature aging. This juicy fruit is a great source of vitamins, especially vitamin C, A and E. In fact, a small mango is enough to produce almost a quarter of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C, two-thirds of vitamin A and enough of the requirement of vitamin E and fiber. Mangoes can reduce the chances of high blood pressure as it is rich in potassium. It also contains minerals like phosphorus and magnesium and vitamin K.

These days pectin has been identified as a good nutritional content which can lower cholesterol levels in blood. This soluble fiber has also been found to dramatically reduce the risk of cancer. Mango is a good source of it and eating mangoes can reduce the risk of cancer to a great extent. Mango is also a good source of iron and the pregnant women and those who are suffering from anemia can benefit to a great extent from taking mangoes.

Mango falls in the group of high volume food which means that even if by taking lots of this food, the ultimate calorie intake is not much. Though a mango may be low in calories, it is high in dietary sugar and this often keeps the diabetics away from this delicious fruit. Mango is helpful in treating acidity and indigestion and can boost the digestive powers. Sometimes it is considered effective in alleviating symptoms of asthma also.