Manicure for Beautiful Hands

Manicure means taking care of your hands to make them look beautiful. This process helps in healthy formation of nails. It stops many problems of nails like splits, brittle edges and scratches.

The massage which is an integral part of any good manicure help in increasing the blood circulation, smoothness, softness and proper movement of hands and wrists. The most important benefit of manicure is that it reduces the aging of skin on the hand to large extent. It is because hands are one of the first body parts to show that a person has started aging.

Devices used for purpose of manicure are very simple and easy to use. Nail cutter, nail filter, orange stick, cuticle pusher and nail brush are the common tools for manicure. Other than devices, the materials which are required include acetone free nail polish remover, liquid shampoo, moisturizing lotion, lukewarm water, antiseptic cream and any nail polish of your choice.

The first step in any good manicure is to remove old polish by nail polish remover which does not contain acetone. Acetone is avoided as it can make the skin sensitive to burns and can also speed up the process of wrinkling. Give a nice shape to the nails according to your choice by using nail cutter. Then, file the nails properly with the help of a nail filer.

After this, soak the hands in warm water containing mild shampoo. Soaking process should be done for at least 10 minutes. Then, wash the hands with clean water and dry the hands and fingers with a clean towel properly. Antiseptic cream can be used then to clean nails using cotton and orange stick. Cuticle should be pushed back properly by using cuticle pusher. Then massage the hands with a good moisturizing lotion for about 5 minutes. Nail polish can be applied according to your choice; otherwise, this step is optional.

Manicure is generally done in beauty parlors and saloons. But it can be easily done at home if a person lacks time. If a person is opting for parlors to have manicure then make sure the tools which are being used should be properly sterilized. This precaution will help avoid any kind of skin infection. Now-a-days French manicure is famous. Both women and men have become aware towards their hand care. It is a healthy trend as hands should also look beautiful as your face.