Medical and Alternative Treatments for Prostate Cancer

A cancer that develops and grows in the prostate is known as prostate cancer. It is common to men over the age of 50 who suffer from prostate enlargement. It is one of the most common non –skin cancers that affect 1 out of every 6 men. Research has proved that there are several treatments that are effective in the cure of this form of cancer and one does not necessarily need to focus only on one form of treatment for a cure.

A urologist, radiation oncologist and a medical oncologist are the best people to help the person suffering from prostate cancer. One must make sure that in addition to medical treatment once must take maximum precautions to help improve your health during the treatment.

A balanced diet with plenty of exercise will help you to be healthy and go through the treatment. A low fat high fiber diet will help to reduce the growth of the cancerous cells. Avoiding red meats rather all meats in general will be beneficial for your health. Keep your body well hydrated with plenty of water and natural juices and herbal teas. Green tea has an abundance of anti oxidants in it and thus is extremely helpful in your condition Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Tomatoes and broccoli are known to be effective in fighting cancerous cells. Amongst the minerals calcium and selenium are used by the body to fight the cancerous cells and hence one must integrate them in your diet plan.

In addition to a healthy diet you must exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise also helps to release chemicals in your body that are known to be effective in fighting cancerous cells. Visit your doctor regularly and take your medications religiously.

Wear loose cotton undergarments that allow your skin to breathe and allows the flow of blood to your glands.