Medicinal Uses of Neem


There are many herbs and trees in Mother Nature that can protect us from ailments. Neem (Azadirachta indica) is such a medicinal tree which has gained great importance in the Ayurvedic texts.

The bark and leaves of Neem tree carry medicinal properties and are made use in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines. There are many simple Ayurvedic remedies using neem. These remedies are very beneficial in safeguarding your health.

Neem leaves are excellent detoxifiers.  They are hence used in blood purifying treatments and detoxification. The Neem leaves made to a fine paste if taken along with brown rice can treat excessive hunger. The juice of tender leaves can cure excessive thirst and dizziness. Loss of appetite and fatigue due to fever is cured by the decoction prepared using cloves, cinnamon and Neem leaves.


Leaf juice of Neem if taken in an empty stomach can lower the triglycerides level in blood.This is a simple remedy which is being advised to diabetes patients.

Neem leaves are used in the ayurvedic treatment for rashes in young children. Turmeric (dry or fresh) and Neem leaves are made to a fine paste and is applied on the body. It is washed off after two hours. This treatment has to be continued for three months for the complete cure from the infections.

Glow Skin

This remedy, besides being used to regain the skin health, can also bring a glow to the skin. This remedy is also used to treat painful pimples found in young women.

Minor Burns

Neem leaves made to a fine paste with pure water, if applied over minor burns can heal the burns faster. The decoction made by using ripe fruits of Neem is used in the ayurvedic treatment for intestinal infections. One teaspoon of leaf juice of Neem, if taken daily can improve the immunity of the body.


The decoction prepared using neem leaves can be used in skin care. Washing face with neem decoction is recommended in the ayurvedic treatment to cure pimples. This decoction is also used in treating minor wounds. Neem decoction is a natural way to cure excess hair loss and dandruff.

Neem Plant

Neem can be easily grown in our gardens. As per recent studies, planting a neem tree is very beneficial since it can purify the surrounding air and destroy many harmful bacteria and viruses.