Meditation for morning sickness

Morning sickness or pregnancy sickness is a condition that not only affects more than half of the pregnant women but also for some women who use hormonal contraception or hormonal replacement theory. One can have no idea of what it feels like, unless she has lived with the disease. Despite its name, morning sickness can occur at any time of the day and can even continue throughout the day in the case of pregnant mothers. There are a lot of products available to treat morning sickness, but focused meditation is the more natural and best way of treating the disease.Psychological stress is one of the many causes of morning sickness. Meditation and yoga help in keeping the nerves in control. Meditation is very good for pregnant women, and it is best to play music while meditation as it helps to keep oneself focused. Besides the care provided by the family, it is vital for the expectant mother to balance personal, physical and mental happiness. Meditation is the perfect blend and solution to the above need. It helps to make a person calm and relaxed and focus on the positive aspects of life. As meditation helps in keeping the nerves in control, balances physical and mental happiness and focuses the mind to the positive aspects, it thereby helps in moving the mind from the troubles and physical problems of morning sickness.

Focused meditation postpones everyday thinking by focusing the mind on a specific word or phrase. The reason it works for morning sickness is because it trains the mind and body to answer differently to the changes that are taking place inside the body. During pregnancy, a quite a good number of physical, hormonal and emotional changes take place in a woman’s body. While the hormonal changes can make the hair grow and the face glow during pregnancy, the same hormones can cause the morning sickness. Focused meditation helps the mind and body by giving another option to think and focus on to avoid concentrating on the disease.

This meditation should be done in a quiet place and the mind should be focused on a word or phrase chosen from a prayer. The person should sit or lay down in a comfortable position on a chair and should relax all the muscles from head to feet. She should focus on the inhale or exhale of the breathing and then centre the mind on the word or phrase of prayer chosen. The eyes must remain closed and one should breathe easily. This should be continued for ten minutes and it works miracle in dealing with morning sickness.