Men’s Health Risk: Prevention is Better Than Cure

Do the men and women differ when it comes to health risk for them? The answer, the doctors and researchers say, is yes. Men are prone to get affected by some diseases easily than the women and vice-versa. That means there are some diseases that the men should be especially careful about and these include both physical and mental illnesses. At the same time the good news is that all of these can be prevented with proper precautions.

Men are more prone to heart diseases and strokes than the women. In fact the number of men dying of heart disease is far more than the women. This is due to some physical constitution of the men as well as the lifestyle they follow. So it is advisable that the men avoid smoking and diet rich in saturated fat and sodium.

Check your cholesterol level, sugar level and pressure regularly. Do physical activities regularly and keep your body weight under control to keep away strokes, a lethal ailment that can attack you any moment. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease) can strike if a person smokes or gets exposed continuously to fumes, chemicals and air pollution.

Type 2 diabetes is another disease that strikes the men often. One should be very careful about the amount of sugar or carbohydrate intake. Also one should include enough physical activities in one’s daily life to burn off any extra sugar.

If not controlled in time diabetes can cause heart problems, blindness, and damage to nerves and kidney. Kidney disease is another ailment to strike the men more. To avoid it one must take enough precaution especially in one’s daily diet. Often a person may need medication for such condition.

Mentally, men are very vulnerable to diseases and ailments. Alzheimer’s disease is very common in men and it manifests itself as a person approaches old age. It is preventable but not curable. So to stay away from it one needs to remain active both mentally and physically. Staying socially active helps too.  Another thing that often haunts mentally depressed men is the suicidal thoughts. It is a dangerous thing that should be eliminated at any cost. Sometimes this may need the help of friends and family and this responsibility is of the society too.