Men Yeast Infection Treatment – Easy And Effective Remedies

Yeast infection is not just a problem among women as there are many male sufferers as well. However, it is known to only a few people that men are equally prone to this syndrome.Some of the common reasons for male yeast infection includes intake of antibiotics for a long period of time;

sexual intercourse with yeast infected partner; weak immune system; frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages; high level of blood sugar; and increased consumption of certain foods like peanuts, barley, wheat products, etc.

Unlike women, men rarely suffer from various physical symptoms of yeast infection. However, there are some signs of the hazards that can be noticed among men. Such symptoms include soreness, tiny blisters, itchiness and redness at the head of the penis, feeling of fatigue, muscular pain, diarrhea, desire for the starched and sugar based foods, increased heart beats, etc.

Yeast infection of men can be treated through various ways and here are some effective and simple remedies:

Increase Yoghurt Based Diet: Increase the intake of plain yoghurt. It not only helps to fight off yeast infection among men, but also among women. Bacteria that are naturally present in it, helps to fight off and remove the yeast present in the body. Hence, yoghurt should be naturally incorporated in the diet plan of the sufferers. Another way of using yoghurt is by taking some amount of it and applying it on to the affected area.

Avoid Sugar and carbohydrates: Foods that have rich content of sugar and carbohydrates should be totally avoided by the sufferers. Many studies have shown that individuals who are usually diabetic in nature tend to suffer more from yeast infection. Refined sugar should be exclusively rejected.

Apply Boric Acid: Boric acid is a popular natural remedy for yeast infection both for males as well as for the females. This needs to be applied externally. The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties help in fighting yeast infection.

Increase Water Consumption: Consume plenty of water. A minimum of eight to ten glasses of water is a must for all the individuals whether suffering from yeast infection or not.