Men’s health supplements- effective or scam

Men’s tendency towards smoking and drinking along with seeking less medical advice are dangerous for them in the long run.
Here are a few supplements that could work healthy for them:
Multivitamins: Due to the availability of a huge number of multi-vitamins of different brands, it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right one which could have positive effect on men’s health. It should be natural and should not have fillers or additives. Enzymes and herbs are essential in multivitamins as the usefulness of the multivitamin is enhanced. Besides that, Lycopene is effective to boost health of men.
Balanced diet: Men’s balanced diet differs from that of the female by the fact, that though there are ample vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the diet of both male and female, some micronutrients are vital to keep the male, healthy and fit.  This nutrient is very essential in the prostrate functioning and reproductive health of men.
Essentiality of Zinc: Men should eat plenty of mushrooms and considerable amount of meat as it has plenty of Zinc, which is one of the major factors that increase the immune system of men.
Magnesium: For men, magnesium plays a vital role in building strong body bones, boosting nervous system and recovering blood clotting. With the men crossing the age of 31, the demand of the body for magnesium increases. Fish and brown rice are certain kinds of food, which are rich in magnesium. Besides this, men can boost their eating of magnesium with the help of supplements.
Other supplements: There are a number of other health supplements that are helpful for men for fighting various diseases. Combination of vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid are extremely essential in the decrease of the danger of strokes for men. Eggs, figs and spinach are rich in these vitamins.
Vitamin D: This vitamin is vital in preventing prostate cancer. With the increase in intake of Vitamin D, calcium is absorbed thereby preventing osteoporosis – a common disease for both men and women.
Scams: However, iron and calcium are some supplements that men do not need. Intake of these supplements could raise the chance of prostate cancer. Besides this, penis enlargement pills and surgeries can damage one’s penis and can even lead to impotency. Not only these, certain studies have found out that Human-Growth-Hormone (HGH) supplements have serious side-effects and are dangerous in the long term.
Though the media pay little attention to men’s health, it is essential for men to pay a very good attention towards their own health, as their life expectancy gap is still shorter than that of women. Following these healthy supplements and rejecting the scams can help men live fit and healthy throughout their life.