Menstruation problems – heal with natural cures

Women’s fitness is a rising concern. Whether a young woman is dealing with menstrual problems or any older woman are experiencing issues related to menopause, there are definitely some natural solutions for curing these problems.

During menstruation, females face difficulties like menorrhagia or excessive menstrual flow, painful menstruation, stoppage of menstrual flow, menstrual cramps, and pre-menstrual tension, etc. There are a number of natural ingredients that are focused on promoting the normal functioning of the hormones as well as preventing or diminishing common problems during menstruation. Long-established botanicals and indispensable vitamins are combined to form natural cures to menstruation problems.

Natural cures for menstruation problems-

Dong Quai: Dong Quai has been often referred to as female Ginseng and is a traditional herb for the health of women. This herb has been used to primarily treat menstrual problems like scanty menstruation and menstrual pain. Menstrual cramps, irregular cycles as well as premenstrual syndrome can be well treated with the help of this herb.

Bioflavonoid and vitamin C: The mixture of bioflavonoid and vitamin C helps in the strengthening of capillaries of the uterus and prevents the crack and the grounds of additional bleeding.

Parsley juice: Parsley juice in combination with beet, carrot or cucumber juice of same quantity is extremely helpful in treating varied menstrual problems.

Iron and vitamin A: The women suffering from menorrhagia or excessive menstrual flow often have low iron and vitamin A content in the blood. Hence consumption of this vitamin and mineral is helpful for treating this problem.

Ginger: Pound a fresh ginger and put it in a cup of water. Boil the mixture for a few minutes and then strain it. A little sugar has to be added to the decoction and then consume it after it cools. This has to be consumed thrice daily.

Unripe papaya: The eating of unripe papaya is helpful of making safe of suitable menstrual flow. It is also excellent for girls whose menses has stopped due to strain and anxiety.

Banana flower: The banana flower provides an effective remedy for the problem of excessive menstruation. One has to boil a banana flower in some water until it becomes soft. Then, take it out, crush and consume it with a cup of curd.