Motion Sickness Treatment with Natural Remedies

Motion sickness is a common ailment that is found to occur among many people. Motion sickness is a generalized term that is used for car sickness, sea sickness, air sickness, etc.

The common symptoms that are found to occur in motion sickness are nausea, dizziness, vomiting, vertigo, malaise and so on. Motion sickness is basically caused when the body is confused. As a matter of fact, the body constantly checks the visual, touch as well as the inner ear information.

When, contradictory information is being provided by these sources, the body experiences the symptoms of motion sickness. However, there are a lot of natural remedies to motion sickness. Take a look how you can get rid of this syndrome.

Large amount of food: Do not eat large quantities of the food or huge amount of liquids in advance as the feeling of the food and drink sloshing around the stomach intensifies the feeling of motion. However, one should intake some light food in advance so that the stomach is not empty and the food is easy to digest.

Lack of sleep: Dehydration as well as lack of sleep can worsen the condition. One needs to drink plenty of water and sleep a lot peacefully before getting ready for the activities that can cause motion sickness. This helps the body to adjust to these activities with ease and reduce the chances for motion sickness.

Sitting in the middle: The individuals that are prone to motion sickness are in generally advised to sit in the middle of the plane or boat as it is considered that the greater the motion, the more there are chances for motion sickness. Firstly, in order to reconcile with the motion, it is always advised to stand still so that the feeling of difference is reduced to a large extent.

Ginger: Ginger is considered to be extremely effective in combating motion sickness. All that one need to intake is 500 mg of ginger at 30 minutes before the onset of motion activities. Another 500 mg has to be consumed in every two to four hours if one is vulnerable to the symptoms of motion sickness.