How To Cure Muscle Cramps


Muscle Cramps

Cramp of muscle is not a new word to us. Any of the voluntary muscle of our body can cramp, especially the calf, heel and feet muscle. The involuntary muscles like the blood vessel wall, passage of urine & bile, bronchial tree, and intestinal tract can also get cramps.It is very common in adults and increases with aging. However, the children also face the problem.


Some symptoms of Muscle Cramps: Due to cramps of muscle, the sufferer gets so much pain that he/she finds it difficult to move his / her body. Tenderness or severe pain in the leg, heel, calf muscles, etc. may be the symptoms of muscle cramps. A sudden pain may occur while exercising, playing sports or lying in bed. There are some common causes of it.

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Some causes of Muscle Cramps: Calf muscle cramp is related to the muscle fatigue and poor flexibilities of calf muscle. Dehydration, stress, electrolyte depletion can be the causes of the problem. While exercising in extreme hot weather conditions, salt, calcium, magnesium, and potassium comes out from our body because of heavy sweating. Sometimes muscle cramps also take place because of poor blood circulation and deficiency of vitamin D in the body. The side effects of certain medicines and nerve abnormalities are the other reasons of this hazard.

Massage The Cramped

The effective treatment: The patients are advised to warm up before exercise and stretch their muscles after exercise. Avoid muscle fatigue and improve fitness by exercising daily. Massage the cramped calf muscle in the right direction, which will help you to reduce the pain to some extent. Massage the affected area with eucalyptus and rosemary oil to get relief from it.

Drink Lots Of Water

Drink lots of water for rehydration of the body. Eat such food items that enrich the amount of calcium, potassium and magnesium in your body. Try to eat at least two bananas in a day, because it is a rich source of potassium.


Taking of two tsp of honey is very helpful to prevent the problem. In the early morning, drink one cup of red raspberry leaves tea daily for two weeks. It is an effective home remedy to reduce pain of cramped muscles. Drinking of chamomile tea will also reduce the muscle pain. To avoid the nighttime cramp of calf muscle, take a bath with warm water before going to bed.Apply these effective remedies to get easy relief from this disorder.

How To Cure Muscle Cramps