Muscle Gaining Diet- Learn The key Secrets

There are a lot of people all over the world who are keen to gaining muscles but have failed to do so without the lack of proper direction and guidance. In order to build strong muscles, one needs to go through a complicated process and if the individual is not following the directions properly, he will never end up seeing the results.

Among the many important factors that contribute to the building up of the muscles successfully, diet is one of them. Muscle building diet is totally different from the one that we ordinarily consume. This kind of diet regime and eating habits are specially made for the individuals who want to build up powerful muscles.

The basic rule for muscle gaining diet is to plan the diet in such a way so that the individual can have 6 meals in a day. There should be a minimum gap of 2½ hours between each meal. Out of the 6 meals 3 meals should be regular ones while the remaining 3 meals should be smaller ones. The regular food regime should be such that the proteins, carbohydrates and fats are at the ration of 4:4:2 respectively.

Protein is the vital nutrient that is essential for the building up of the muscles. It is due to this very fact that one finds most body builders drinking protein shakes and consuming food that are rich in proteins. The individual seeking for strong and powerful muscles should consume at least 2 grams of protein per pound of his body weight on a daily basis. Lean chicken meat, white of the eggs, tuna, salmon, sirloin steak as well as dairy products are protein rich foods that help in the development and the growth of the muscles.

Besides protein, fat is also considered as one of the important nutrient for the gaining of the muscles. Healthy oil, red meat, eggs, fatty fish and nuts are good sources of fat.

Like fat, carbohydrates are a must for the diet regime for the gaining of the muscles. Sugars and white starches have to be avoided while wheat bread, potatoes and whole grains are a must for the building up of the muscles.

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