Muscle Strain Natural Cures

Muscle strain is also known as muscle pull. It implies injury to the muscle or to the connecting tendons. While carrying on with our day-to-day activities, sometimes sudden lifting of heavy things or putting any undue pressure on any muscle while doing the work can lead to muscle strain or muscle injury. The injury can be in the type of splitting of the muscle or the fibers and tendons linked to it, which can in turn harm small blood vessels leading to local bleeding and pain. There are ways of treating muscle strain naturally. Here are some common muscle strain natural cures:

Rest: Rest is an effective remedy for strained muscle. The more one can take rest, the better it would be for the muscle to heal back and become normal.

Ice cube: One has to place some ice cubes on a cloth and place it on the affected area. This will make the muscles numb and will give relief from the pain and swelling of the injured muscles.

Heat treatment: Sometimes heat treatment is better in the case of injured muscles rather than the cold one. In that situation, some Epsom salt is to be added in the boiling water. After the water is cool enough to touch, the affected muscle part has to be soaked in the water and kept in it for around fifteen minutes. Then the water needs to be wiped with a towel and a bandage to be applied in the affected area.

Garlic: Garlic is successfully used for curing muscle strain. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic are helpful in treating arthritis and rheumatism as well. The application of garlic oil on the strained muscle will give relief from the pain of the muscle strain.

Clove Oil: Appliance of clove oil on the injured muscles also assists in the relief of the pain on the strained muscles. Before applying the oil, it should be heated and then allowed to cool for sometime. After that, the cool oil should be applied on the injured muscles.

Pepper powder: One has to fry the pepper powder in the sesame oil until it is charred. Then it has to be applied to the affected area slowly. It is a very good remedy for strained muscle.

Besides these, one must avoid putting weight on the injured muscle. The aching muscles need to be stretched at some point of the day to help in proper blood circulation. One should intake foodstuff that is rich in calcium and potassium as these are cooperative in building strong bones and muscles.