4 Natural Nail Fungus Treatment

Nail fungus is caused when one or more fungi infect the nails. The fungal infection starts off with a white or yellow spot under the tip of toenail or fingernail. This infection occurs more among the men than among the women. Nail fungus is by and large caused from some kind of damage to the nail plate.

Natural Nail Fungus Treatment

Profuse perspiration, lower blood circulation, constant wearing of shoes and socks, humid work atmosphere, weak immune system, prior injury to nails, walking barefoot in moist and humid public places, heredity etc are some of the many causes of nail fungus infection. Discomfort and cracks in the nails, foul odor, staining and yellowing of nails, thickening of nails etc are some of the symptoms of nail fungus. Nail fungus can be treated naturally and here are some of the ways:


Listerine is an antiseptic. Soak the infected nails, twice a day on a regular basis in Listerine. This is known to be an effective way of treating nail fungus naturally as the mouthwash kills the fungi that are present in the nail bed.



Vinegar is one of the best ways that cure nail fungus. Both white vinegar as well as apple cider vinegar are cheap treatments and can eradicate the fungal infections of the toe nails and the hand nails in a cheap and effective way. It is best to take hot foot baths and cold foot baths with vinegar in an alternative way and in either case dip the affected nails in the water for about 30 minutes.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Tea Tree Oil:

This oil is obtained from a certain plant that is native in Australia. The oil is popular all over the world for its anti-microbial properties and is recognized for its ability to promote healthy skin as well as nails. Tea tree oil needs to be applied to the affected nails and the adjacent skin directly with the help of a cotton swab.

Tea Tree Oil


A lot of individuals have recommended coconut oil as well as cayenne pepper as a successful remedy for nail fungus. Pepper is popular among many as a natural effective remedy for toenail fungus in particular.

Cayenne pepper