Natural Allergy Remedies- Treat Allergy Without Medicine

Lots of people suffer from natural allergies, which are caused by our immune system when it treats certain substance called allergen as an invader and over reacts causing harm to the individual itself. In other words it is the unusual reaction of body tissues of the individual to certain substance which has no obvious effect on other humans.

Although the symptoms of allergies vary from person to person, yet diarrhea, abdominal pain, itchy skin, rash, vomiting, dizziness, congestion, breathing problems, cramps, watery and itchy eyes, swallowing difficulty can be considered as some of the natural allergy symptoms. It has been mostly found that with the physical contact to the allergen, the individual suffers from inflammation, irritation and itching of the skin while with the inhalation of the allergen, the individual is more prone to face breathing problems. There are a lot of remedies to natural allergies and here are some of them:

Drink water: The persons suffering from natural allergies need to keep themselves well hydrated so that the system is able to flush out the mucus that is there in the body. Hence the sufferers are required to drink plenty of water or any other kind of liquid.

Vitamin E: This vitamin is popular all over the globe due to its anti-allergy properties. This property of the vitamin helps in the curing of the natural allergies. It should be consumed on a daily basis up to the period of at least 4-5 weeks at a stretch.

Windows closed: In some cases allergies are caused from pollen of the flowers. In such cases the individuals suffering from natural allergy due to pollen needs to keep the windows of the car and home closed. Again, some have dust allergies. In such cases, the shoes need to be taken off before entering the house and the furniture of the house and the shelves needs to be dusted regularly.

Lime and Banana: Both lime and bananas are known to be useful for the treating of allergies. While lime needs to be squeezed into lukewarm water and consumed with honey in the morning, eat plenty of bananas on a regular basis.