Top 3 Herbal Cures For A Tooth Infection

Top 3 Herbal Cures For A Tooth Infection

A toothache can at times be even more painful and annoying than a headache.  It is a constant shooting pain normally felt in the back teeth, but can affect any of our teeth at any age. Normally toothache is caused by an infected tooth; a cavity that has been ignored for too long or lack of proper oral hygiene.

Of course brushing your teeth twice a day is the best way to maintain healthy teeth. We’ve heard this since we were kids and learnt this in school, but most of us choose to ignore this and unfortunately you were one of those people. The result is a tooth infection which did not let you sleep well last night and is not letting you concentrate on work today. Try the below mentioned simple tips to see if you can get some relief.

Clove Oil To Reduce Tooth Infection

Look for medicated gels that can be purchased over the counter. These can be applied over the infected tooth and can provide some amount of relief.

Ancient Indian medicine has proved the use of clove oil is in fact beneficial for the overall health of teeth. A little clove oil can be massaged on the affected area a couple of times in a day. This also provides relief. A little piece of cotton or gauze can be soaked in the oil and placed in the mouth close to infected tooth. Chewing a stick of clove like a chewing gum will also help.

Apart from this, a paste of margosa tree leaves (neem – Indian name) can be used to get rid of the infection. Try boiling a few leaves in water and apply it on the tooth. These leaves have medicinal qualities and can kill the infection causing bacteria. Alternately, a few leaves soaked in water over night can also be used as an oral rinse.

Neem To Reduce Tooth Infection

All this is too much work and you prefer faster and easier options? Try looking for medicated mouth washes which are specifically made to fight tooth infection.

Try looking for ointments that can be applied on infected teeth and can be purchased without a prescription.

Try drinking some herbal teas which have medicinal properties and can provide some comfort.

Herbal Tea To Reduce Tooth Infection

Wait for only a day to see if you get any relief from trying the above, if the pain has not subsided, please visit a dentist for proper medical guidance.

Herbal Cures For A Tooth Infection