Natural and Herbal Methods to Get Rid of Joint and Muscle Pain

Apart from being very annoying joint pains can be very frustrating and painful as well. There are times when you feel like there is no relief from the pains and aches that creep into the joint. There however are a few tried and tested true natural remedies that you could use to help relieve joint pain.

If you are a person who exercises regularly by going to a gymnasium or working out then you should stretch after your work out for a longer period of time. Concentrate on lengthening the hip muscles and make sure that you have adequate space to stretch. Massaging the hip joints while you stretch also helps relieve any pain that you might experience in that area. If you have chronic joint pain then you can alternate a cold and a hot pack on the affected joint. You can do this by placing a cold pack on the affected area for about 15 minutes and then place a hot water bottle on the same region for 15 minutes again. The cold pack helps reduce the swelling if any and the hot pack helps ease the pain. Repeat this procedure for about 8 to 10 rounds to take the pain out right away. This procedure is very effective and should be practiced as often as possible.

Use massage oil and give your joints a good massage. This helps relax the muscles and allows more circulation. Massage the affected joint with the oil for about 20 minutes. Your massage could also be followed with a hot water bottle on the affected joint for abot 10 minutes this would also help ease the pain. It is also great to have a massage with the oil slightly heated. Take care not to make the oil too hot or you could end up inflicting more pain upon yourself and burning yourself.