Natural and Herbal Remedies to Prevent Panic Attacks

Stress and anxiety leaves you clenching your fists and teeth. Stress is defined as your body’s inability to cope with the factors in your life. These factors may be emotional or physical. In this case your body reacts to the stimuli by increasing your blood pressure, muscles tension, and inability to concentrate and causes headache and dizzy spells. In the case of extreme stress you could also experience a breakout in hives, trembling, loss of memory or speech and acne breakouts. In the most severe of cases you will have a panic attack, and this must be prevented by all means.

Every person on this planet will have different causes of stress. Family, relationships and finance top the list.

Tips to prevent a panic attack

If certain factors are causing you to get stressed out then you must try and rationalize the outcomes of the factors rather than giving into your fear. Analyze the situation and try and resolve the issue instead of letting nature take its toll on you. Talk to experienced persons and try and resolve matters under their guidance.

In the case of a panic attack, your blood will not flow to your extremities like your fingers and your toes. This causes a numb feeling in your body and increases the possibilities of an attack. When you notice your body going numb, draw yourself a warm bath. Add a few drops of essential oils of lavender or chamomile and soak in the water for a few minutes. This will help to get the sensation back into your body and reduces the stress levels automatically. When you are soaking in the water, take deep breaths so that the aroma of the essential oils helps to reduce your stress levels and calm your senses.

Brew ginseng in a tea or pop a capsule three times a week to reduce your stress levels. The herb is known to help reduce stress levels and prevent panic attacks.

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