Natural Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is the natural reaction of the body to what it feels. It helps the human body to become aware of the danger and fight it or escape from it. It is in general a feeling of uneasiness and nervousness, fear and also worry. All of us experience temporary anxiety in the form of nervousness or fear and as a normal reaction to stressful situation. There are different types of anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, panic disorder and panic attacks, obsessive-compulsory disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder. Some of the physical symptoms of anxiety are irregular or rapid heartbeat, difficulty in swallowing, chronic fatigue, muscle tension and pains, shortness of breath, stomach problems, insomnia, frequent urination, chest pain, hot flashes, headaches, light headedness, sweating etc.

Some of the emotional and psychological symptoms are poor memory, nervousness, jumpiness, lack of concentration, fearfulness, incredibly insecure feeling, fear of losing control, fear of madness, angry feeling along with lack of patience etc. Anxiety can be treated naturally and hence one should not be demoralized if facing such a problem.

Physical exercise: Regular conduction of exercises for about 30 minutes can effectively help in the relieving of anxiety. These work-outs improve the condition of both the mind and the body and also helps to restore the balance. Physical exercise is an effective way of burning out the adrenaline.

Healthy diet: Healthy and balanced diet is extremely efficient for the treating of anxiety. The diet should be rich in vegetables and fruits. Balanced diet improves the working of the hormones of our body. Processed food, chemicals as well as food with preservatives should be essentially avoided.

Sleep: A minimum of eight hours of sleep is vital for the normal functioning of the organs of our body. Sleep has been proved to be an effective and proven technique to fight stress along with anxiety attacks.

Caffeine: Caffeine should be avoided completely. Many theories have proved that tea, chocolates, coffee and soft drinks stimulates the nervous system and thereby increases the sense of anxiety.

Relaxation techniques: Breathing exercises, yoga, stretching exercises, meditation etc helps to promote relaxation and a feeling of emotional well-being.