Natural Beauty Care Made Easy


Each one of us is desirous of having a fresh and youthful looking skin. Looking naturally beautiful is certainly not easy as the effects of weather conditions, pollution and stress leave their tell tale marks on the skin and face.

natural beauty care

Under the circumstances, a proper skin care regime and awareness regarding the various factors which can leads to healthy and glowing skin, goes a long way in making you naturally beautiful. Some of the important points to remember for natural beauty care are:

Best Methods Of Natural Beauty Care


One of the most vital and important keys to possessing a healthy and young look is to be totally hydrated. Apart from offering a smooth and glowing complexion, proper intake of water also helps in flushing out the toxins and improving the internal environment of the body.

At least 8-10 glasses of water should be consumed across the day to retain the natural moisture of the skin and make it look hydrated.


Vitamin E

Natural beauty care is definitely incomplete without the goodness of Vitamin E. Topical massage and application of Vitamin E oil on the face and skin makes it hydrated and smooth and prevents the signs of aging. Vitamin E oil also improves the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

vitamin E

Avoiding Cosmetics And Chemical Based Beauty Products

Those of you looking for natural beauty care should say a stoic “no” to cosmetic products and beauty care agents made from chemical based formulas. Apart from harming the delicate cells of the skin, harsh chemicals can also lead to pigmentation, scars and burns.

Organic and home based recipes for exfoliation, cleansing, moisturizing and toning, help in making the skin glow and retain the youthful freshness of the same-for a long time.


Healthy Nutrients And Proper Dietary Regime

Natural beauty care is all about taking care of the internal health and environment of the body which reflects on the outside. Valuable nutrients and minerals should be included in the daily diet and care should be taken to consume non fatty and unprocessed food items.

Meals which contain a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals and non-carbohydrate based recipes are considered to be the best for healthy skin care.


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Some Of The Most Effective Natural Beauty Care Measures Use The Following Fruits And Vegetables


Providing both Vitamin C and A, tomatoes are highly beneficial in natural care of the skin. Blend a fresh tomato in a liquidizer and apply the pulp on the face and other exposed areas of the skin.

A tomato can also be cut into two halves and rubbed over the skin for effective results. Allow it to dry off and wash with cold water to get a rejuvenated and fresh look.



The astringent properties of cucumber help in soothing the skin and removing the tiredness from the same. Cut out round thick slices from a cucumber and apply it over the eyes.

Cucumber cools off the skin around the eyes and also helps in removing dark circles and pigmentation. The pulp of cucumber can also be applied to the face and exposed areas of the skin for natural beauty care.Natural ingredients and measures are extremely helpful in keeping the skin fresh and youthful and also affordable.