Natural Breast Enhancement Cream – How it Works

Natural breast enhancement cream is gaining great popularity amongst women largely because it is a safer and cheaper way of enlarging breasts. Compared to surgical implants, breast cream is preferred by a greater majority. However, there are people who are still skeptical about this cream, probably because they do not know much about the cream.

How breast cream works
Knowing how the product works and why it is an effective way of achieving your dream breast size is the most important thing to do before embarking on using the cream.  The breast cream is made from natural herbs containing phytoestrogens having mastogenic effect on your breasts without necessarily producing milk. Phytoestrogens perform the function of estrogens which are essential female hormones of the reproductive cycle. They stimulate tissues allowing breast growth when applied to the breast area. Estrogen production decreases with age and therefore phytoestrogens from the food we eat help balance hormone production.

Breast creams are therefore produced from herbs rich in phytoestrogens to play the role of estrogens. Applying natural breast enhancement cream directly to the breast area highly increases the effectiveness of the cream since it does not have to go through the digestive process like in the case of pills. These creams are surely a great way to achieve your goal of enlarging your breasts to the targeted size.

Herbs that are used to make breast cream
There are several herbs that are rich in phytoestrogens. They include Wild Yam extract, Fennel seeds, Dong Quai, Black Haw, Red Clover, Saw Palmetto and Licorice. Creams containing some of these herbs are good for breast enhancement. Patience should however be exercised since natural breast enhancement cream may take a longer period than expected to show positive results. Within the first 4 weeks however, slight changes on breast size should be visible.

Most women expect the results to be instantaneous while others give up within a few days of use. Following the right application procedures, maintaining body fitness and eating right will definitely quicken the effectiveness of the cream and is therefore advised. This non surgical way of enhancing your breast size saves you a lot of pain and money and is definitely the way to go.