Natural Calcium Supplements Necessary For Women And Kids

Women are the ones who generally suffer from bone related diseases or deficiency of calcium in their body. This happens mainly after pregnancy or menopause. Women might develop arthritis, knee pain or osteoporosis or any other calcium deficiency related problems. So they are advised to increase the intake of calcium in their body.

Calcium supplements can be taken by women in the form of calcium pills but endure that the calcium content in them is high 400-600 milligrams per tablet. These supplements might cause some after effects like bloating, nausea, gastric problems or vomiting. So gradually increase the intake of calcium and try taking them after your food with lots of water. After eating food the acids present in the stomach will help in absorption of calcium. Calcium supplements would not work till they get absorbed by the intestinal walls in to the body. If they do not get absorbed they will create stones in the kidney. All the calcium can be used in the body with the help of vitamin D which can be generated in our body by taking a sun bath for 10-15 minutes everyday.

Dairy foods and milk products are the best source of calcium.  A cup of Yoghurt contains 300milligrams of calcium. Cheese and Cottage cheese are also good source of calcium. However you should use dairy products with caution because they are high in fat content and will give you extra pounds. So it’s better to go for fat free versions of dairy products.

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli. Turnip greens,mustard seeds, soybean and kale etc are also rich source of calcium. However do remember that some of these leafy vegetables contain oxalic acid which interferes with the absorption of calcium. So before eating they cook them properly so that the oxalic acid content vanishes from the leafy vegetables and they improve the calcium content in your body. Try infusing one of them every day in your daily diet.  Like you can add beans to your soups and pasta dishes. You can make great smoothies from yoghurt. Look for the recipes of dishes made from curd or yoghurt. Always make it a point to buy low fat cheese from stores whenever you buy cheese.

There are some juices and cereals available in the market which are fortified with calcium, buy them. These juices and cereals do not contain calcium naturally but calcium is integrated into them. There are orange juices, grape juices, rice milk, cereals, apple sauce, Tofu, Bottled water, some snacks which are induced with calcium retaining their original tastes. So try using this calcium fortified products instead of normal non calcium juices and snacks. Tofu and soy milk are very good in fortified calcium and they can be used to increase calcium content in our body.

Nuts are also a good source of calcium but they might result in weight increase as they are rich in fats, but if consumed in restricted amount they will only benefit your body.