Natural Congestion Remedies that help to Get Instant Relief

A chest congestion causes a lot of discomfort. A congestion is characterized by a common cold that not only leads to a stuffy nose but acute discomfort in the chest. Though there are several over the counter medications for this condition; most of them are known to be only temporary.

Luckily; nature has provided us with an array of herbs that are effective remedies. Congestion is nothing but thickened mucus that is unable to exit the body. In order to get rid of the mucus you need to make it thin; once this is done it will automatically get eliminated from the body.

When you are suffering with congestion in the chest you must drink lots of water. It will help to dilute the mucus, make it thin and eliminate it from the body automatically. As you increase your water intake you must avoid milk and milk products completely as it makes the mucus thick.

Boil a pot of water and add a few eucalyptus leaves to the water. Then place your head over the pot and cover it with a towel. Breathe in the steam; this will help to make the mucus thin and eliminate it instantly.

Squeeze a lemon and add a few spoons of honey to the mix. Then heat it up and add 15 ml of rum to the mix. Drink it as warm as possible. The rum will help to reduce the congestion and the anti bacterial property of the honey will prevent the spread of the bacteria. This remedy must be used at night if you are unable to sleep as a result of the congestion.

If the congestion is clogging your nose and head and you are unable to breathe then you must use a warm compress. Place a hot water bottle or a towel on your face and let the mucus melt with the heat. This will give you instant relief and will prevent stuffiness of the nose.

Take hot showers often. The steam from the hot shower will help to eliminate the mucus. Run the shower for a few minutes and let the bathroom steam up completely; then step in and enjoy a long shower to get rid of all the congestion in your throat and chest.