Natural contraceptive methods for women

Natural contraceptive method is the variety of schemes that are used to plan and stop pregnancy, based on the detection of woman’s fertile days. It is one of the oldest methods both men and women have used in order to control their fertility, which can be done through natural family planning or through fertility awareness programmers. Natural contraceptive method has no expense or has a very little expense. These permit women to keep away from the side effects connected with the hormonal technique of calculating the birth of children – like nausea, gaining of weight, decreasing libido. These processes help women in the improved perceptive of their own reproductive system. Some of the common natural contraceptive processes are:

Rhythm/ Calendar method: The valuable and the most natural way of birth control is the rhythm/calendar method. In this method, the couples are advised to stay away from unprotected sex on and approximately 14 days of the woman’s cycle with the fist day being the day-1 of the beginning of menstruation. Nevertheless, the days of ovulation can significantly differ from one woman to the other and even for the same woman from one month to the other month.

Standard Days Method: The standard days method is a new way of natural family planning. Standard Days Method (STM) works for women with menstrual cycle from 26 to 32 days long. In this method, the couples abstain from sexual intercourse from the 8th day to the 19th day of women’s menstrual cycle. If the woman has one cycle per year that is either shorter than 26 days or is longer than 32 days, then the efficiency of this method diminishes drastically and other ways of Natural Family Planning should be considered.

Ovulation Method: Ovulation method is the simplest, natural, most modern and effective way to avoid becoming pregnant. It is known as ovulation method as ovulation is the prime and has utmost importance in this method. This method can be utilized by any woman in the entire reproductive period of her life. It educates women about their individual guide of fertility and infertility and also makes them learn that they are more infertile than fertile all through their reproductive years. They are also prepared to know the fertile period of their menstrual cycle.

Fertility is indicated with the progress of a particular kind of mucus from the crypts of the cervix. Sperms die without this mucus and the mucus development signals the women that they have begun their fertile phase that starts a few days prior to ovulation. They will possibly remain fertile for another 3-4 days and after that the menstruation will start after 11 to12 days.

Besides these methods, symptom-thermal method, basal body temperature charting, fertility computers are some of the natural contraceptive methods for women.