3 Natural Cure For Acidity

3 Natural Cure For Acidity

Acidity occurs due to imbalance in acid secreting process of stomach and intestine. Some enzymes are present in stomach that mixes with food materials eaten. When stomach increases the acid production from glands present in, it results into acidity. The stomach, digestive glands and intestines secretes acid and other enzymes, like pepsin which helps in breaking of food. Acidity has symptoms like heartburn and dyspepsia. There are many methods by which acidity can be cured naturally. The fruit called phalsa is very helpful for acidity and gas patients. Amla is also one of the good natural cure for acidity. Amla juice, taken with sugar and water, provides relief from acidity. Taking 10 gms jaggery after food prevents acid formation. A person with acidity problem should drink cabbage juice.


Salad with vegetables like radish, onion should not be eaten by patients with acidity problem. It is good to have dinner 2 hours before going to sleep in night. Drinking coconut water is also good to prevent acidity. Eating yogurt provides quick relief from the acidity problem. Drinking water with soda is also is also a good remedy for acidity patients.


Having white vinegar is also a good acidity treatment. Ginger can also prove to be useful. Eat crushed ginger and coriander this is very good natural cure for acidity. Potato consists of potassium that limits acidity. Boiled and roasted potato with meals can reduce the acidity problem. Acidity patients should avoid tea. Eating carrot and cloves can be beneficial.

Regular intake of Petha and cold milk is good for acidity patients. Acidity patient should eat banana with cardamom powder and sugar. Taking hot water with lemon before meal is good for digestion. Taking honey with apple cider vinegar with water before meals reduces acidity. Mint juice intake is also good way to reduce acidity. Spicy food, pickles, fried food’s intake should be minimized. Unripe food should be avoided. Take the juices of orange, lemon, pineapple, pumpkin, mausambi, carrots and cucumber.