7 Natural Cure To Carpal Tunnel


Carpal tunnel is a medical abnormality impacting the median sensory nerves, which manages handy activity and is secured by a passage known as the carpal tube. When stress is put on these sensors by the cells around it, a person may develop carpal tunnel and start feeling numbness and tingling in the hands and palms. This situation happens due to many reasons like a small carpal tube, arm injury, stress to the hands and arms at work.

 Natural Cure To Carpal Tunnel

How To Treat Carpal Tunnel Naturally 


The carpal tunnel is made up of carpal bones and ligaments and contains the average sensors and muscle. Making recurring motions can cause your muscle to scrape against the same area of your carpal structures, leading to discomfort and inflammation. As the swelling of carpal tunnel increases, it squeezes the average sensors, leading to the warning signs of carpal tunnel symptoms. Relaxing your arms allow the swelling to reduce gradually, which stops the signs.


Vitamin B6

Deficiency of Vitamin B6 causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Food resources of supplement B6 consist of yams, avocados, brown grain, sunflower seed products, beans, potatoes, poultry, chicken, apples, barley, apples, and bananas.

Deficiency of Vitamin B6 is associated with many risk factors: diet missing in supplement B6, use of HRT, consuming foods that contain yellow dye, such as some types of pasta, dairy products and pickles, etc. A common amount of supplement B6 for carpal tunnel is 50 mgs two to three times in a day. Adverse reactions may consist of increased peeing. Improvement can be seen within six weeks.

Vitamin B6

Freezing Packages (Cold)

Placing freezing packages on the arms allows the area to which relieves the pain of carpal tunnel. Then, changing the freezing packages with light heat can help to reduce wrist swelling. Try to fill one basin with cold ice water and the other with hot water.

Then, place the arms in one basin for 5 minutes and then in the other basin for 5 minutes. Repeat this heated and freezing treatment many times/day.

Freezing Packs

Correct Posture

During typing use correct arm position to avoid arm stress. Always keep your arms straight to avoid discomfort in carpal tunnel. Relaxing your arms on the desk during typing can cause pressure of the carpal structure; therefore using shock absorbing arm support is beneficial.

Correct posture

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Wrist Brace

Wrist brace helps to stop irritation in carpal tunnel syndrome. Using wrist brace while performing normal activities prevent those movements that can cause problems.

Wrist brace


Work out your side by creating slow circles with your wrist at the joint of the arm to recover movement to your side and reduce the stress that recurring tasks exerts on the arms. Do this movement three times in a day, whenever required, to reduce suffering.



Start taking other herbs and products to cure your carpal tunnel signs. Enzymes products like broelain, folic acid, arnica and B complex vitamins have shown effective results to help in carpal tunnel signs.

Avoid taking caffeinated drinks and soft drinks. Caffeine products can wipe out B natural vitamins, and also aggravate the symptoms. Adding to with B natural vitamins can increase energy and reduce the need for motivators. Massage, chiropractic and acupuncture treatments are also beneficial.