11 Natural Cures For Clogged Arteries

clogged artries

Clogged arteries is a common term for the serious medical condition called Atherosclerosis or Arteriosclerotic vascular disease. Unfortunately, it is of fairly common incidence and results due to excess build up of fatty materials like cholesterol, fat and calcium. clogged artries

Cumulatively, all three substances form atheromatous plaque. This asymptomatic, chronic disease results in thickening and furring of walls that make up the blood and nutrient carrying arterial vessels. Such plaque accumulation hampers the unrestricted flow of blood and can totally clog the vessels too.

In short, atherosclerosis puts people at a greater risk of suffering from cardiovascular ailments such as cardiac stroke. To prevent and treat such arteries, use the natural remedies mentioned below in conjunction with lifestyle modifications and prescription medicines.

Top Natural Cures For Clogged Arteries

Cayenne Pepper For Arterial Health

The presence of a natural active compound called capsaicin is believed to be associated with production of a specific neurotransmitter. This particular neurotransmitter helps in maintaining an optimal rate of blood circulation throughout the body.

Also, a study mentioned in ‘International Journal Of Clinical Chemistry’ cited that cayenne pepper had the ability to lower level of total triglycerides and cholesterol, the two contributing factors that lead to plaque buildup within the blood vessels. It enhances the formation of Nitric oxide in the blood stream and brings the elevated blood pressure down too.

Although there is yet to be a clinical trial in humans, the University Of Maryland Medical Center recommends having capsaicin through the oral route. The dose can vary from 30 120 mg three times in a day. Side effects to watch out for include stomachache and irritation, bloating due to over consumption of Cayenne pepper.

Cayenne Pepper

High Fibre Diet

Resort to food sources, which are packed, with soluble fiber in order to treat clogged arteries without solely relying on medication. Vegetables such as beans and legumes are high in fibre and lower the deposition of low density lipoproteins (LDL) in the blood vessel linings. Owing to the solubility of these foods, they transform into a gel and slow the progression of arterial plaque formation.

For example, oat fibre is deficient in carbohydrates but has several nutrients and fibers prevents cholesterol from adhering on the walls of the arteries. Therefore, you must have at least 3 cups of vegetables regularly.

High Fibre Diet


Garlic has both direct and indirect benefits associated with atherosclerosis. Regular consumption of fresh, raw garlic reduces the incidence of hypertension and lowers the unhealthy leve lof lipoproteins, both of which can lead to thrombus formation.

The potency of garlic is due to a chemical called Allicin, which can assist in reversing the development of plaque through inherent anti-inflammatory and anti-aggregation properties. Thus, with less aggregation of platelets, patients are not at a risk of artery blocking clots. For better results, choose raw cloves as the allicin content is comparatively more than found in supplements.


Good Fruit Choices

Researches from countries like California and Italy have confirmed that Pomegranate juice has higher antioxidant levels than found in other fruit juices. The antioxidants play an important role in preventing further hardening of the atherosclerotic blood vessels. Not only does the natural pomegranate extract reduce arterial clogging, but it also keeps the systolic blood pressure of patients with existing coronary artery disease within check.

Apple is a fruit packed with a fibre called Pectin, which has an affinity to bind with cholesterol and contains flavonoids too. When eaten on a regular basis, the risk of incurring heart attack or any other cardiovascular complication drops by 50%.

Increase the consumption of Avocado as the fruit contains plenty of monounsaturated fats that remain non-oxidized within the body. Other fruit options, which must replace, unhealthy snacks include blackberry and lycopene rich tomato.

Make sure to have a minimum of two servings of fruits each day, especially if you have been exercising, as well.


Control Blood Pressure

Patients with hypertension (blood pressure exceeding normal range) are prone to damage the blood vessels, that in turn impede the flow of blood and nutrients to the heart. Such changes can promote loss of muscle tone in the arteries.

Thus, it is best for you to consult a doctor regarding medication or ways to keep the blood pressure within 140/90 mm Hg. Get your blood pressure recorded periodically so that hypertension does not put excessive strain on the heart.

Blood Pressure

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Vitamin C For Atherosclerosis

People with long standing deficient reserves of Vitamin C may progress towards arteriosclerotic vascular changes. To prevent the weakening and finally, disintegration of the collagen framework that makes the wall structure along with oxidative damage, one needs 600 mg- 3 g of Vitamin C daily.

Oranges, watercress, kiwi are some of the items that clear the lipid deposits and promote collagen formation.


Vitamin E

Eggs, kidney beans and asparagus are beneficial for improving the elasticity of blood vessels such that blood circulation remains unimpaired. Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E also offers protection from harmful lipids and free radicals. The daily requirement of this vitamin is 600-1000 IU.


Stanols To Unclog Arteries

Plant sterols or stanols are good at limiting the absorption of cholesterol and successfully bring the level of LDL cholesterol down by almost 14%. Have 2 g of stanols per day, either in the form of almonds, olive or canola oils and wheatgerm.


Regular Exercise Routine

Prevent the thickening of your arteries by exercising more often. Try to maximize your physical fitness to promote and eliminate ‘bad’ and ‘good’ cholesterol, respectively. Besides that, the additional benefits include stimulation of nitric oxide production from the cells so as to maintain the diameter of blood vessels.

Swimming, yoga, jogging and cycling are low impact exercise forms that tone the muscle in the cardiovascular and respiratory system. It also helps to achieve a healthy body weight. Other activities to try are jumping rope or brisk walk.


Green Tea

Sip 1-4 cups of Green tea, which provides a multitude of health benefits, including cholesterol reduction. The catechins found in tea target the lipid and cholesterol accumulation resulting in improvement.

green tea

Herbal Aid

There are plenty of herbs that can be used for treating atherosclerosis, such as Gingko biloba, Hawthorn and licorice. However, medical consultation must be taken before including any herb in your treatment plan.

ginko biloba