Natural Cure for Defective Teeth

Teeth play an important role in our overall look because it is smile which is noticed first. Good teeth make our face look beautiful whereas defective teeth may give us embarrassing feeling while taking to others.

Teeth defects can be functional disorder, discomfort, vague look etc. Other abnormalities associated with teeth are cavity, foil smell, infection, inflammation and dead teeth. In most of the cases the defect when ignore can lead to serious complications. As far as the look of the teeth concerns, the defective look may develop an inferiority complex and depression. Clean, white and good looking teeth build confidence and make us feel happy in our life. Hence it is very important to keep our teeth free from any sort of defect. In order to keep our teeth healthy and beautiful a basic knowledge of these defects and their remedies is necessary.

The very common reasons for defective teeth can be consumption of tobacco, smoking, excessive consumption of coffee and tea. There are certain natural ways which can be used to keep our teeth healthy and good looking. Brushing teeth with wood ash is very helpful in keeping teeth white and good looking.

Gargle with small capsules of peroxide after every brush is helpful in keeping teeth healthy. Bark of walnut tree is also used for making teeth look white and good looking. We should rub our teeth with walnut tree bark after brushing the teeth. If yellow spots are developed over teeth, we should use the paste of lemon juice and salt. Take some salt and mix it with lemon juice to make paste. Applying this on teeth on a regular basis keeps the teeth white and healthy.

We should brush our teeth properly twice a day. We should take care of the intake of nutrients in our diet. A diet rich in nutritional contents is helpful in avoiding teeth defects. Fruits and vegetables like apples, cucumber, carrot, strawberry etc are helpful in keeping teeth healthy. Rubbing teeth with orange peel from inside is also helpful. Children should avoid candies, chocolates, mint etc. These affect teeth very badly. We should avoid excessive drinking of coffee, tea and alcohol. In case these remedies are not effective and you are not able to get rid of your teeth problems, you should consult a dentist for diagnosis.