11 Natural Cure To Digestive Disorders


Our digestive system is complicated in its nature and in its functioning.  It includes stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder etc.  When each of these organs is functioning well, digestive system is said to be perfect in its functioning.  If any one of the organ does not work properly, entire system suffers and these types of disorders are known as digestive disorders.

Natural Cure To Digestive Disorders

Some of them are indigestion, ulcers etc. Common digestive disorders are usually ignored and not given any care as these do not produce any harmful symptoms.  Indigestion and diarrhea can be treated at home by following some of the regular habits, exercises and some of the home remedies mentioned below.

Symptoms of digestive disorders

Since disorder of digestive system can create lot more health problems, symptoms of digestive disorders ranges widely. Symptoms for digestive disorders are found to be different since bowel functions are different in different person. One of the main symptoms for digestive disorder is abdominal pain. Another warning sign for digestive disorder is vomiting and nausea. Constipation and regurgitation indicates the disorder of digestive system.


Causes for digestive disorder

The main cause for digestive disorder is the irregular pattern in daily diets. Skipping of breakfast can also cause disorders like ulcers.  Digestive disorders are mainly seen in people with bad sleeping habits. Lack of exercises and careless life style can be another reason for digestive disorders. Stress and anxiety can also lead to poor digestion and cause serious digestive disorders. Infection due to parasitic attacks like bacteria or virus attacks can be another most important reason for digestive disorders. Intake of a large amount of food especially food items rich in oils and fats can be another main reson which will lead to indigestion and related problems.  In rare cases, some of the genetic disorders can lead to poor digestion and digestive disorders.

Stress And Tension

Home remedies for different digestive disorders

Feeling of nausea can be reduced by taking a cup of tea with a small piece of ginger added in it. Ginger ale can be also taken to reduce nausea. If the patient is suffering from diarrhea, it can cause loss of fluids from the body. This can be controlled by giving oral rehydration salts to the patient. Banana and curd are found to be very effective in treating diarrhea.

Ginger tea

Dried figs are very important in the treatment of digestive disorders. Figs can be soaked in water for one night and can be consumed on an empty stomach. Eating a diet which is rich in fruits, cereals and vegetables can help in avoiding most of the digestive disorders. A lot of water should be taken after each meal. Going for a short walk after meal can be effective in curing digestive disorders.


A teaspoon each of carom seeds and cumin seeds can be soaked in water overnight and this can be strained and consumed for better results in curing indigestion. Rice water can be cooked with salt and a cup of buttermilk can be added to it. This can be given to the patient suffering from indigestion due to overconsumption of oily foods.

Cumin Seeds

Consuming half a glass of pineapple juice after every meal is beneficial in curing indigestion problems. One teaspoon full of lemon juice, honey and ginger juice mixed in warm water can be consumed daily for curing digestive disorders. Consuming an orange is another important home remedy for digestion related problems. Oranges can also provide essential nutrients needed for the body.

Fruit juices

Fruits like grapes can help in curing digestion related problems and irritation in the stomach. Yogic asanas are found to be very beneficial in curing indigestion and other digestion related problems. Applying an ice bag over the stomach after each meal can be effective in indigestion treatment.  Equal amount of baking soda and water can be mixed together and can be consumed to get immediate relief.


Water mixed with a little of cumin seeds can be beneficial in the treatment of digestive disorders. Taking a teaspoon of freshly prepared coriander leaf juice with a pinch of salt twice a day can be effective in treating digestive disorders. Spices like peppermint and cloves are good for curing digestive irregularities. Cloves can provide smooth enzymatic flow.


Two teaspoon of coriander juice mixed in a cup of buttermilk can be given to the suffering from digestion disorders. Another effective home remedy for indigestion is to chew a small piece of ginger, ten minutes before the meal to provide easy digestion. Consuming food items rich in fiber is essential in reducing digestive disorders and indigestion.

Coriander Juice

But beans like food items may create problem in digestion as they are having high fiber content. Apple is rich in fiber which can be eaten daily after meal to reduce indigestion. Three grams of pulp of myrobalan can be an effective home remedy in treating disorder of digestive system.


Diet to be followed

All food groups should be included in the diet. A balanced diet should be provided for the patient with digestive disorders. Daily food items should be included with fruits, vegetables and cereals. Food items should be rich in nutrients and roughage. Going for a sleep immediately having your meal is not good for health this can also lead to chronic digestive disorders. Gel of aloe vera can improve digestion thus it can be taken for curing indigestion. Eating apples can help in controlling problems of constipation.

Fruits And Vegetables


Stress and anxiety which are main causes for digestive disorders can be reduced by following yogic exercises. Apart from improving your diets, lifestyle should be improved for curing digestive disorders and other health problems. Food items like cabbages can improve symptoms of gastritis. Consuming a large quantity of food items rich in oils and fats should be avoided to reduce chance for acidity.

People suffering from acidity, heartburn etc. should care to avoid drinking water in between having the meals. By improving your eating habits and following proper medication you can reduce the digestive disorders. The above mentioned tips and home remedies can be followed in treating digestive disorders along with medications.

Yogic Exercise