Natural cure for Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is an illness cause by Hepatitis B virus (HBV) which contaminates the liver and causes a tenderness called hepatitis. Hepatitis B virus is a DNA virus which is composed of an inner core and lipoprotein envelope. The greatest concentration of hepatitis is found in liver and less in blood. This virus causes inflammation of liver tissue that can develop the scarring and swelling of the liver if untreated for a long time. The virus infection can be cured by using some natural remedies. The natural cures for Hepatitis B are:Garlic: Garlic is a good natural remedy for hepatitis B. Garlic juice works wonder to lower down the effects of Hepatitis B. This is most available in most homes. Daily chewing of one to two cloves of garlic in the empty stomach for a month is a very good natural remedy in curing Hepatitis B.

Milk thistle: This is a common herb used in treating in all kinds of hepatitis as milk thistle helps to restore and protect the liver cells from toxin, drugs and the effects from alcohol. This herb prevents liver damage. As it is non-toxic, very few people report any side effects from the herb. Some common milk thistle contains some of the most potent liver protective substances known.

Vitamin E: This vitamin, according to the Researchers of Bologna, Italy cannot only protect the liver from the damages caused by the infection of HBV but also enhance the capability of the immunity system to fight the virus. Around 600 mg of vitamin E per day is necessary for the people who have contracted with the virus to fight the disease.

Vaccine: One must get vaccinated against Hepatitis B. the vaccination provides immunity for at least five years. People in high risk groups such as newborn and infants and teenagers are urged to get the vaccine.

Individual toothbrush: Sharing of toothbrush and razors with other people should be avoided. This is an effective natural remedy of preventing the spreading of the disease.

Safe sex: Hepatitis B can be spread by unprotected sex. The person suffering from the disease should always have protected sex by using latex condoms to prevent the other person from contracting the disease.

Some can recover from HBV but in some cases, people who cannot recover from the virus falls a victim to liver damage thereby slowly destroying the liver. In some cases, HBV disease can ultimately show the way to liver cancer.