4 Natural Cure To Panic Attacks


Anxiety, fear and inability to think clearly are things that describe a panic attack. Sometimes there is no particular reason for the attack and sometimes the reason seems very menial to others. However, people suffering from panic attacks are rendered inactive during a panic span.

 Natural Cure To Panic Attacks

Psychiatrists believe that panic attacks are nothing but sudden release of chemicals in the body and is something that can be easily cured by rearranging the thought patterns and making oneself strong enough to cope with stress.

How to Cure Panic Attacks Naturally

Foods To Control Panic Attacks

The foods we take play a very important role as to how our body reciprocates to the environment. Certain foods have the ability to calm the body and mind. Include lots of dairy products like milk, butter, cheese or yoghurt. These products will help stabilize your blood sugar levels (increase of blood sugar makes you panicky) besides giving your body calcium and vitamins.

Dairy products also contain an amino acid called Tryptophan that stimulates the brain to produce chemicals that calm the mind and body. Omegs-3 fatty acids found in oily fishes like salmon, tuna, halibut etc. have the potential to curb depression and reduce anxiety. You should also take in lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. They provide nutrients to the body and control blood sugar. They also play a role in balancing the mood to avoid anxiety states.


Overcoming Fear With Cognitive-behavior Therapy

Therapies require professional help but have shown 85%-90% positive results in overcoming panic attacks. Psychiatrists believe that panic attacks actually start in the brain where the person misinterprets situations and believes that he/she is in danger. Cognitive therapy helps people come to terms with their fears and anxieties. It helps them understand the problem and practice overcoming the thoughts.

Sometimes cognitive therapy is accompanied with Behavior therapy where the person is exposed to his/her fear so that it can be faced thereby letting the person overcome all the fear. The person suffering from panic attack has to put in time and practice the therapies to benefit from it.

Cognitive therapy

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Calming Exercises

Exercises in different forms have proved beneficial in reducing panic attacks and its symptoms. Deep breathing can be practiced to centralize the thoughts and calm the mind. Yoga therapy can also be practiced to calm the body and control the mind.

Meditation should be practiced to free the mind of any kind of stress. Take time off and sit somewhere where no one can disturb you. Bring your thoughts together and practice calming the mind. Aromatherapy can also be used along with meditation as it works as a wonderful stress buster by calming your nerves. You can use essential oils or fragrant incenses to soothe the mind regularly. Aromatherapy can also give you a good night’s sleep.


Herbal Remedies

There are some natural herbs that can help you alleviate the panic attacks. St.johns wort is the most popular to treat the problem. An herb named Kava Kava is excellent to eliminate depression and stop panic states.

Other herbs that can help stop panic attacks are lemon balm, basil and passion flower. All of these herbs reduce anxiety levels and helps the body cope with both internal as well external stresses.