Natural Cure For Piles


Natural Cure For Piles Piles refer to a condition characterized by the inflammation of the veins inside and surrounding the rectum. It generally causes swelling, itching and extreme pain in the affected areas. Piles can occur either just outside the anus (external piles) or inside the anal passage (internal piles).

When the stool passes through it, it can even bleed. Chronic constipation or bowel disorder is one of the major causes that often lead to this condition. Though medications are important, following a proper diet plan is also crucial. In addition to that, you can speed up the healing process by using the following natural remedies for piles.

How to Cure Piles Naturally

Sesame Seeds

Mix 20 g of sesame seeds in 500 ml of water. Bring it to boil at low heat until only 1/3rd of the total mixture remains in the container. Grind the seeds to prepare a paste. Take ½ tsp. of this decoction with 1 tsp. of butter. Use this remedy two times daily. It relieves bleeding piles.

Wheat Grass

In this remedy, an enema is given to the patient first with lukewarm water. Then, after 20 minutes, another enema is given with 90-120 ml of wheat grass juice. This time, the wheat grass juice must be retained for around 15 minutes.

Wheat Grass

Use this remedy once every alternate day. It detoxifies the walls of the piles and provides great relief from itching, irritation and bleeding.


Peel a medium-size onion. Cut it into tiny slices and crush the same thoroughly. Roast it at low heat for 10-15 minutes. Leave it to cool down. When it is still slightly warm, apply it to the affected areas. This remedy is particularly beneficial in treating dry piles.

To relieve bleeding piles, you should mix 30 grams of finely-chopped onion in one glass of water. Leave it for 3-4 hours. Then, filter the liquid and mix 60 grams of sugar in it. Take it two times a day.

Ginger, Honey, Mint And Lime


Mix one tbsp. of honey, 1 tsp. of fresh mint juice, 1 tsp. of fresh lime juice and ½ tsp. of fresh ginger juice together. Take it twice daily.

Butter Milk And Bitter Ground

Mix 3 tsp. of the juice extracted from the fresh leaves of bitter ground in two cups of buttermilk. Take it once every morning.

In addition to that, you can also prepare a paste by grinding the dried bitter ground roots with water. Apply this paste gently to the affected areas, once daily.


Consuming 150 ml of the juice extracted from turnip leaves can also be very effective in the treatment of piles. For optimum benefits, you are advised to mix 50 ml each of the juices of carrots, spinach and watercress also.


Radish can be used in three different ways to treat piles. First, you can apply a paste prepared by mixing grated white radish with milk externally to the piles.


Second, you can drink 60-90 ml of the juice extracted from white radish once everyday. Third, you can take a decoction prepared by mixing one tsp. of honey with 100 mg of grated white radish. All these remedies can be very effective in alleviating pain, swelling, itching and other symptoms of piles.

Rose Apple (Java Plum)

Eat one medium-size fruit of rose apple once daily, preferably in the morning after breakfast. Practice this remedy consistently for 2-3 months.

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Mango Seeds

Grind dried mango seeds thoroughly until it turns into powdered form. Store it in a tightly closed container and keep it in a dry place. Take 1-2 tsp. of this mango seed powder twice daily. It relieves pain and reduces inflammation and swelling.

Chebulic Myroblan And Cluster Oil

Crush a full-size chebulic myroblan fruit and roast it at low heat with cluster oil until its color turns brown. Then, grind it thoroughly in powdered form. Store it in a tightly closed container. Take ½ tsp of it once everyday, preferably at bedtime.

It normalizes the bowel movements and makes the stool easy to pass through piles without causing pain or bleeding. It also reduces swelling and inflammation.

Chebulic Myroblan

In addition to that, you can also prepare a decoction to wash bleeding piles for faster relief. Mix some crushed, dried fruits of chebulin myroblan in ½ liter of water. Bring it to boil for 5-10 minutes. Filter the liquid once it cools down. Wash bleeding piles with the resulting decoction.

Dry Figs

Wash 3-4 dry figs thoroughly with hot water. Then soak them in fresh hot water overnight. The next morning, drink the water and eat the soaked figs. Use this remedy daily for 3-4 weeks. It smoothes bowel movements and reduces pressure on the anal region, which eventually relieves pain and the piles are healed faster.

Banana And Milk

Mash a ripe banana and mix it in one cup of milk. Stir the mixture thoroughly. Consume it three times daily. It is very effective in relieving pain caused by piles.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds

Mix one tablespoon each of roasted cumin seeds and un-roasted cumin seeds. Pour two cups of water over the mixture and stir it thoroughly. Consume the resulting concoction once daily.

Coconut Oil

Apply coconut oil gently to the affected regions using a clean cotton ball. It is a simple yet very effective remedy to get instant relief from pain caused by piles.

Goat’s Milk And Carrot Juice

Keep 250 ml of goat’s milk for curdling overnight. The next day, mix 250 ml of carrot juice in it and drink it.

Goat’s Milk

Alternatively, you can also eat fresh carrots with the yogurt prepared using fresh goat’s milk. Use this remedy once everyday, preferably after breakfast.

Goat’s Milk With Black Mustard

Pour 150 ml of goat’s milk over 10 grams of black mustard and stir it well. Drink it every morning.

Jaggery, Black Pepper, White Leadwort And Yam

Mix 500 g of jaggery, 10 g of black pepper, 80 g of white leadwort and 160 g of yam powder. Take one teaspoon of the resulting mixture twice everyday.

Since chronic constipation is the major cause for piles, you are advised to give your digestive tract complete rest for a few days. Follow a diet of just raw fruits and vegetables for at least a week. When you follow this diet plan, the natural remedies for piles, as explained above will work faster.