6 Natural Cure To Post Nasal Drip


Postnasal drip results due to accumulation of viscous mucus that prevents motion of cilia and thread cells of the nose. The mucus becomes sticky and the secretions of nose get stick in inner part of the nose. Postnasal drip may result from infection of virus or bacteria, allergies and pollution.

 Natural Cure To Nasal Drip

Natural homemade remedies for postnasal get include simply ruining your nasal area, eliminating or gargling with salt-water, drinking plenty of liquids like water, herbal tea or warm orange water, avoiding mucus producing delicious foods and milk products, using a room warm air humidifier, and just calming, etc.

Whatever solutions you try, make sure to help keep your nasal area and head in top situation by diminishing use of over the counter antihistamines.

How To Cure Post Nasal Drip Naturally

Hot Shower Bath

Taking a hot bath and respiration in steam can help to unwind the mucous. After taking a bath, make sure and strike as much of reduce mucous out as you can. Just be cautious not to strike as you can crack a vein and cause a nasal area hemorrhage.


Saline Nasal Drop

Another home cure for post nose is saline nose area falls. Often it results in a lot of nose blowing that annoys your nose passages.

Saline nasal drops help to ease after ruining, and allow the head to feel clear. The drops unwind mucous and help you to blow out of your nose area in some cases.

Nasal Drop


Since nasal drip is due to the sinuses generating lots of mucous, consuming a lot of water can help to slim that out. If the mucous is watered down it will not block the throat. It will make the mucus simpler to strike out of your nasal area.

Consume water

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Humidifier helps to treat postnasal drip by losing the mucus created by sinuses. Often winter weather causes the mucus in your head to become wider.

The more is the mucus more it gets thicker, the more unpleasant you feel. The included wetness in the atmosphere created by a warm air humidifier helps to reduce this issue.


Hot Pot Water

Boil a huge pot filled with water with half tsp. of cinnamon, two half tbsps of thyme and one tsp. of sodium/salt. After boiling for some time, let it to cool a little bit, and then set it on a desk. Sit aside the pot with a towel over the head and gradually take in the fumes, which give comfort to your signs.

Make sure that the water is not too hot that it can harm or cause burns within your nose. Sit near enough to breathe in the fumes, but not near enough to harm yourself.

Hot pot water

Salt Water Gargle

Do a salt water gargle with a cup of slight warm water with half tsp. of sodium included to it. This will clear the water flow caused by post nasal drip. The quantity of sodium for those with hypertension should be in safe range. To eliminate accumulated mucus within the pharynx, one should drink lots of fluids like hot natural tea, grapes juice, distilled water, etc.