11 Natural Cure To Restless Leg Syndrome


11 Natural Cure To Restless Leg Syndrome

Have you been spending your nights lying down with excruciating pain in the leg and intense desire to keep the legs moving instead of sleeping? Does your leg twitch and jerk on its own? It is very much possible that you’re suffering from Restless Leg syndrome (RLS). RLS is a neurological disorder. However,you may try out some potential remedies and combat the problem.

11 Ways To Cure Restless Leg Syndrome Naturally

Tonic Water

Drinking Water To Reduce Restless Leg

Diet tonic water is the best option for combating RLS.Drink about 6 oz of tonic water twice daily.Once in the morning and once before going to bed. Tonic water contains quinine that can help stop the leg muscles from contracting.

Regular Exercise

Research has established a definite relation between restless leg syndrome and a healthy lifestyle.RLS patients have reported that regular exercising has reduced the severity of the problem by up to 40% and in some cases it had stopped altogether.

Devote at least 30 minutes each day to any exercise of your choice, but emphasize on exercises that involves the leg,s like brisk walking, jogging, aerobics or high load resistance exercises.Remember, to keep away from too much of exercises that’ll strain the legs and make your problem even worse.

Exercise To Reduce Restless Leg

Temperature Therapy

Changing temperature abruptly can also help in preventing the onset of sudden pain or jerks.You can either apply a hot or a cold compress to the affected area.You may also make it a habit to take a bath with some warm water and relaxing your legs in the tepid water.During the bath gently massage the leg muscles.

Temperature Therapy To Reduce Restless Leg


Stress may also be a major cause for your problem.If you have hectic schedule, I suggest you take time off and practice relaxation techniques.

You may engage in some yoga or meditation.This sends a signal of well being all through your system and relaxes the nervous as well as the muscular system.Regular relaxation can prevent the occurrence of RLS.

Relaxation To Reduce Restless Leg


Herbs work slowly but show excellent results in treating the problem.There are several herbs that you can use.Butter’s Broom is a herb that improves circulation.

Astragalus is another herb which can be used to treat your problem.This herb helps in abosrbing iron from the food and improves blood circulation.Other herbs that you may find immensely helpful are Horse chestnut, Valerian, Passion flower, Skullcap, Cayenne, Chamomile etc.

Herbs To Reduce Restless Leg

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Vitamins And Mineral Supplements

Researchers have stated that intake of certain vitamins and minerals can help cure RLS.

Vitamins To Reduce Restless Leg

Folic Acid

Alternative Medicine Review (2007) pointed out that folic acid can alleviate all symptoms linked to this syndrome. A daily dose of  about 5-10 gm of Folic acid must be taken.

Folic Acid To Reduce Restless Leg


This mineral is essential for maintaining normal muscle and neural functioning. A daily intake of about 500gms of magnesium can help alleviate the pain.

Magnesium To Reduce Restless Leg


In many patients, low iron in the body may be the root cause of the problem.Iron is essential for transport for oxygen throughout the body and deficiency of iron may result in muscle contraction.Include moderate levels of iron supplements daily.

Iron Foods To Reduce Restless Leg


Changes in your regular dietary habits can do wonders for you.Cut down on your alcohol and caffeine intake this includes staying away from alcoholic drinks, coffee, energy drinks, tea and chocolates.Include more of dark green vegetables and fresh fruit juices in the diet which can provide you with all the necessary minerals.

Diet To Reduce Restless Leg


Acupuncture is one of the best known therapies for RLS.It restores normal bodily function, relaxes the muscles and nerves and induces a sense of happiness by releasing endorphin.You may seek some professional help for performing this remedy.

Acupuncture To Reduce Restless Leg