11 Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcers


11 Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers are small holes that occur in the gastrointestinal tract of people and causes pain in the upper abdomen and usually the pain occurs at mealtimes. Natural remedies for curing stomach ulcers are available and these are discussed below.

11 Best Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcers

Raw Cabbage

Cabbage For Stomach Ulcers

Eating raw cabbage is widely known to help with stomach ulcers. If it is taken before every meal and at bedtime, the ulcer may be cured in 2-3 weeks. Juicing the cabbage may make it easier to take and carrots can also be added to make it taste better.

Eat What The Stomach Allows

You should eat only what you feel comfortable with and should not eat anything forcefully. If any food causes any sort of discomfort or pain, it should be eliminated right away and should not be consumed. For example, if spices cause any sort of problem, they should not be consumed until the stomach ulcers are cured.

Avoid Alcohol

Avoid Alcohol  For Stomach Ulcers

Alcohol should be avoided while suffering from stomach ulcers because it inflamed the open tissues of the ulcer.

Apart from inflammation, it may also cause bleeding and irritation in the lining of the stomach.

Eat Frequently

To avoid gastric juices from attacking the digestive tract, food should be eaten frequently. You may also consider substituting 3 big meals for 6 small ones so that food is available frequently. However, take care that you do not overeat as too much of food causes formation of more gastric juices as well as causes weight gain. Carrots can be used frequently as snacks.

Eat Frequently For Stomach Ulcers


Eat as much fiber as possible because it protects the lining from stomach acids. Spinach, cabbage, broccoli and other fiber rich foods are recommended.

Fiber For Stomach Ulcers


Bananas should be consumed regularly as they prevent the growth of H.pylori, which are the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Bananas give a thicker stomach lining and mucus protection which protects the stomach against ulcers. An amount of 3 bananas per day is preferred.

Bananas For Stomach Ulcers

Avoid Smoking

Cigarettes should be given up by people suffering from stomach ulcers as smokers are more prone to suffer from ulcers and their chances of developing ulcers are double. Smoking reduces the production of sodium bicarbonate and prostaglandins, both of which are essential for protecting your stomach lining. Smoking can also increase stomach acid secretion and reduces the blood flow, both of which harms the body and stops it from a speedy recovery.

Avoid Smoking For Stomach Ulcers

Cayenne Pepper

It is very effective in healing ulcers as well as significantly reducing the pain. However, it is very strong and people may take time to get used to it and so it must be consumed in a small quantity in the beginning and then the amount should be increased gradually.

Cayenne pepper should be added in water and consumed twice a day. In the beginning, use just one-eight teaspoon of cayenne pepper for 1 glass of water, but try eventually to increase the amount to one-fourth teaspoon.

Cayenne Pepper For Stomach Ulcers

Some Other Dietary Recommendations

Raw Honey

Raw honey reduces the pain and inflammation of the stomach and is good for healing as well.

Honey For Stomach Ulcers


Garlic has antibacterial properties and it fights the H.pylori virus which causes ulcers. Up to 2 cloves should be taken every day.

Garlic For Stomach Ulcers


Plums also prevent the growth of the H.pylori virus.

Plums For Stomach Ulcers

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil kills the bacteria, which causes stomach ulcer, but do not expect immediate results as it is more of a long-term remedy.

Coconut Oil For Stomach Ulcers