11 Natural Cure For Sweating


11 Natural Cure For Sweating

Sweating is a natural process because it keeps our body cool and it helps to remove toxins from our body. But excessive sweating is abnormal and regarded as a disease which in medical term is called as ‘hyperhidrosis’. Excessive sweating is embarrassing. The sweat prone areas are palms, armpits, foreheads, etc.

Apart from hot and humid weather there are various reasons for excessive sweating – menopause, hormonal defects, thyroidism, cholesterol, obesity, side effects of some medicines, etc.

If you do not take proper care of this problem it may gear up other problems too like bacterial infection, skin diseases, social anxiety, etc. You can cure this sweating problem naturally by changing few habits and using some types of herbs. This article will help you in this matter.

11 Natural Treatment For Sweeting


Lemon To Reduce Sweating

Lemon water is very effective to cure the overactive sweating problem. Cut a lemon into two equal halves and rub that on your whole body. Give special attention on your armpits, neck, foreheads, etc.

sweating prone areas. Lemon juice is natural acid and it controls the oil and sweat secretion of oil and sweat glands. Thus, it keeps your body dry without any side effects. Squeeze one lemon in half bucket of water and after taking bath wash your body finally with this water. Regular use of lemon juice in your skin care routine helps to cure your sweating problem.

Everyday Bath

Everyday Bath To Reduce Sweating

Take bath everyday to keep your body cool. If you have excessive sweating problem, take bath twice or thrice daily in cool water. Use mild soap to remove dirt and grease from your skin and to remove bad odor that is often related with sweating. Wipe your body completely dry before wearing washed clothes.

Talcum Powder

Sprinkle talcum powder on your body before wearing your clothes. Talcum powder helps to keep your body dry and control sweating.

So buy one good quality fine and soft talcum powder and use it everyday whenever you change your clothes. Talcum powder also prevents other sweating related problems like skin rashes and prickly heat.

Talcum Powder To Reduce Sweating

Wear Clean Cotton Clothes

Always wear clean and washed clothes whenever you change your clothes. Do not wear garments made from synthetic material because they prevent air circulation. Wear cotton cloth or clothes made with other natural fiber when you have sweating problems. These natural fibers allow air circulation inside your garments and keeps you body cool and dry. Pure cotton clothes also soak your sweat and save you from the hand of embarrassments.

Wear Clean Cotton Clothes To Reduce Sweating

Basil Leaves And Honey

Basil leaf is a good product to control excessive sweating. Take some fresh basil leaves and crush it to extract the juice.

Apply the juice on your armpits, and other sweat prone areas. Mix few drops of honey with the basil juice and massage it on your whole body. Regular use of basil and honey will help to control your sweating and honey will moisturize your body naturally. You do not need to use other moisturizer for your skin.

Basil Leaves And Honey To Reduce Sweating

Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood paste is an excellent natural product to keep your skin dry controlling the problem of excessive sweating. Take 2-3 tablespoons of sandalwood powder. Mix water with it to make a thin paste. Apply the paste allover your body and leave it as long as possible. This sandalwood paste makes your body cool and controls sweating.

Moreover, it also helps to control the secretion of sebum gland and prevents oil secretion. Overactive sebum glands are another cause of sweating. When the sandalwood paste gets dry, you may rub gently to remove the dry paste. In this process you actually massage your skin and dry cells are removed along with sandalwood powder. Thus your skin gets ample scope to inhale and to keep it dry.

Sandalwood Paste To Reduce Sweating


Aloe Vera is another natural wonderful product that controls the excessive sweating problem. Take one aloe vera tube and slit it to get the gel. Mash it. Mix some rose water with it.

Apply this combination on your body and wait till it gets dry. Then wash with plain water. Apply this aloevera gel on your whole body everyday to cure the sweating problem. Aloevera keeps your body cool and saves you from the hand of rash and infection that may be the result of excessive sweating.

Aloe Vera To Reduce Sweating

Neem Leaves And Turmeric

Neem leaves are excellent for any types of skin related problem and especially sweating problem. Boil neem leaves in water, let it cool and use this water for bathing purpose.

Bathe in neem water regularly and soon get rid of sweating problem. You can also make neem paste and mix it with turmeric paste to make a body pack. Use this body pack everyday on your whole body just half an hour before bath and see the difference. To enhance its power you may add pinch of camphor in it.

Neem Leaves And Turmeric To Reduce Sweating

Chickpea Powder And Yogurt

Chickpea powder and yogurt is a good combination for excessive sweating. Take 2-3 tablespoons of chickpea powder and mix plain yogurt with it. Mix properly to make a smooth paste.

Apply the paste on your body and wait till it gets dry. Then rub and wash with plain water. Chickpea helps to keep your skin dirt and oil free and thus controls excessive sweating.

Chickpea Powder And Yogurt To Reduce Sweating


Be careful about your diet. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to keep you body cool from inside. Do not eat too much oily foods because it aggravates the sweating problem. Stay away from potassium rich problems because potassium increases the sweating problem. Use less salt in your food because salt enhances the sweating problem. Drink adequate water daily to keep your body cool and water also hydrates your body to counter excessive sweating.

Diet To Reduce Sweating

Yoga And Meditation

Too much anxiety and tension may be the cause of sweating. So try to keep your blood pressure under control, controlling the anxiety. To keep it under control naturally there is no alternate than meditation and yoga. Consult any yoga specialist and learn it especially those that help to control your nerve.

You can practice meditation of your own. You have to follow some simple rules to practice meditation. The meditation room should be calm and quite and absolutely noise free. Use dim light for the room. This will help you to concentrate on something and to overcome the anxiety. Thus you may get relief from the hand of sweating.

Yoga And Meditation To Reduce Sweating

So there is nothing to worry. You can control the problem of excessive sweating problem of your own and that too naturally. But if the problem persists go and consult one good dermatologist.