11 Natural Cures For Thyroid Problems

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems may be of various forms like hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hypo-parathyroidism, and hyper-parathyroidism and cause various problems like infertility and irregular menstrual cycle in women and lower IQ and depression in children.

Thyroid Problems

There are various cures for thyroid problems which are discussed below.

How To Cure Thyroid Problems 


The main cause of hypothyroidism is iodine deficiency and so if you suffer from hypothyroidism, you should eat iodine rich fruits like pineapple, strawberries, seafood, onion, garlic, and singhara.



Carrots are also recommended for people suffering from thyroid as they contain Caretenoids which have the Vitamin A and are good for curing problems related to metabolism of the thyroid.


Vitamin B

Vitamin B is often used for stews and anxiety and its consumption reduces the thyroid problem. Rice bran is a very rich source of Vitamin B and you may also take wheat grass juice or sprouts of alfalfa.

rice bran


Zinc deficiency is also known to cause various problems and also thyroid problems and so care should be taken to consume products which are rich in zinc.


Omega 3

These fatty acids also prevent thyroid malfunction and help in maintaining the functioning at an optimum level and they also help in easing any form of available inflammation. These can be taken through seafood, seeds and nuts.



L-tyrosine is the amino acid which ensures the optimum functioning of the thyroid glands and so food products rich in this amino acid should be taken as often as possible. Some products which are known to be rich in L-tyrosine and which can be used to cure thyroid problems are almonds, dairy products, pumpkin seeds and bananas.



Juices are needed for cleansing the system and orange, apple, pineapple grape juices can be taken and should be had at an interval of every 2-3 hours.

The patient should also consume whole fruits and should take 3 meals a day which consists of juicy fruits like apple, grapes and pineapples and should take them along with a glass of milk at an interval of every 5 hours. Half of the daily intake of the patient should be fruits and vegetables. Also, whole wheat products and potatoes are the only starch products which may be consumed, but in a small amount.

vitamin c

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Take Adequate Rest

Adequate rest is also required and the patient should spend at least a day of rest every week for the first two months and slow exercises may be started as the symptoms of thyroid problems subside.



Diet control and regulation are perhaps the most effective and recommended way to solve your thyroid problems. Care should be taken about the diet and the following things should be kept in mind by people suffering from thyroid.Extra Important Tips on Avoiding Certain Things to Get the Best Result.There are various things that should be avoided to ensure a speedy recovery from thyroid.

Some fruits and fluids

Certain things like white flour products, white sugar, fried or greasy foods, tea coffee and alcohol should be avoided by thyroid patients as they have an adverse effect on the thyroid glands.



Drugs are known to cause irritation in the tissues and so they should be avoided. Iodine is essential for patients suffering from thyroid, but even that should not be taken in drug from and should be taken naturally through asparagus, onion, garlic, tomatoes and strawberries.