6 Natural Cures To Tinnitus


6 Natural Cures To Tinnitus

Tinnitus mostly occurs in white individuals who are above sixty years of age. This condition is extremely disturbing to people who have it. Though it is not considered as a serious problem still it has dire repercussions. This condition arises in the outer ear, middle ear or the inner ear and the brain. A constant buzzing or swishing sound is present in the ears.  Some people experience high pitched ringing or whistling which seems to stem from the brain and the inner ear.

As age advances the particular part of the ear that allows us to hear known as cochlea becomes damaged. Exposure to loud sounds, long usage of harmful drugs and chemicals, inflammation of the ear membranes and abnormal wax buildup can also traumatize the hearing system and result in hearing loss.

With tinnitus, you hear rushing or clicking sounds that synchronize with your heartbeats and most often these sounds are accompanied by dizziness and hearing loss.

6 Tips to Cure Tinnitus


Onion To Reduce Tinnitus

Grate a small onion and squeeze the pulp to extract the juice. Warm the juice a little and put three to four drops in both the ears. Onion is rich in magnesium which is crucial for normal body functions. Magnesium inhibits the overproduction of glutamate which is a neurotransmitter and is produced when the sound waves pass over the receptors in the ears.

Excessive glutamate causes the buzzing and screeching in the ears. Magnesium also protects the nerve ends in the ears and puts an effective stop to the various sounds. Use this remedy three or four times a week.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is the most effective remedy for tinnitus. This condition is normally caused by a number of disorders of the blood vessels in the hearing system. Ginkgo biloba relaxes the blood vessels and enhances the blood circulation in the capillaries in the auditory system and in the brain thereby mitigating the symptoms from the very beginning.

Ginkgo Biloba To Reduce Tinnitus

The improved blood flow to the brain reduces dizziness and prevents hearing loss. You should take one teaspoon of ginkgo biloba extract mixed in water or fruit juice every morning and evening.

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil has a vast number of health giving benefits and is a simple cure for many diseases and ailments. This oil is rich in many nutrients. It also has potent antibacterial and antioxidant properties which remove the harmful free floating radicals. Warm some mustard oil and put to two or three drops in both the ears at night before going to bed.

Mustard oil will soothe the ear drums, clear any blockages in the ears and dislodge all the accumulated wax inside the ears. It will also reduce the inflammation of the membranes give a protective coating to the microscopic nerve ends and stimulate blood circulation. Use this remedy three times a week.

Mustard Oil To Reduce Tinnitus


Garlic has multitudinous nutrients and health giving properties which are very beneficial in curing a wide range of diseases and ailments. It rids the body of harmful toxins, strengthens the immune system and corrects all the dysfunctions of the various organs in the body.

Its potent antioxidant and antibiotic virtues eliminate the symptoms of tinnitus and provide great relief from the noisy sounds in the ears. Chop three cloves of garlic very finely and swallow immediately with some water. Regular use will bring great improvement in tinnitus.

Garlic To Reduce Tinnitus

Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are very rich in essential nutrients that benefit the body in many ways. They improve the health of the blood vessels, strengthen them and protect them from damage. They are rich in calcium and zinc which are very crucial for removing the symptoms of tinnitus.

Soak one tablespoon of sesame seeds in some water overnight. In the morning grind the seeds with the water in which they have been soaked and drink the mixture every morning before breakfast. Continue drinking this sesame milk for a fit and healthy body.

Sesame Seeds To Reduce Tinnitus


Ghee has been considered as an elixir since times unknown and aged ghee has been passed down from generation to generation as an invaluable panacea for all diseases and disorders. Ghee spreads an aura of strength and well being throughout the body. It rejuvenates all the muscles, tissues, membranes and cells and rectifies all sorts of bodily dysfunctions.

It helps in the regeneration of all the damaged cells and puts a stop to further deterioration. It nourishes the brain and improves the function of the brain cells Warm a cup of milk and add a teaspoon of pure ghee to it. Blend well and drink every night before going to bed. This remedy will soon put an effective stop to all kinds of sounds in the ears.

Ghee To Reduce Tinnitus