Natural Cure For Tonsillitis


Tonsillitis Tonsillitis occur when the tonsils i.e. the two glands located on either side of the throat get infected and they turn red, sore and painful. It is accompanied by fever, body aches and sore throat. The patient feels difficulty in swallowing anything. Tonsillitis can become chronic due to repeated attacks and sometimes tonsils have to be removed by surgical operation.

Generally tonsillitis is treated with anti biotics but they may cause side effects, especially among children. You can follow natural cure for tonsillitis to prevent and treat the ailment. Natural cures for tonsillitis help to provide permanent relief from tonsils infection.

How To Cure Tonsillitis Naturally


Gargles have a soothing effect on tonsils. It relieves pain and swelling in the glands. You should gargle twice a day to reduce inflammation in tonsils, it also makes swallowing easier. You can use different ingredients for gargling.

Saline Water Gargle

Saline Water Gargle

Dissolve one tea spoon common salt in a glass of hot water and use it for gargle twice a day. Salt helps to reduce swelling and pain in tonsils.

Garlic for Gargle

Crush half a garlic pod; dissolve it in one glass of hot water. Use it for gargle to cure tonsillitis. Garlic contains sulphur and iodine, which helps to cure tonsillitis naturally.

Alum for Gargle

Dissolve ¼ tea spoon alum powder in one glass of water and use it for gargle. Alum helps to cure painful tonsils. Avoid eating or drinking anything for half an hour after gargling with alum water.

Glycerine for Gargle

Mix 1 tea spoon of glycerine in hot water and use it for gargle. Glycerine lubricates the throat and it soothes inflammation and irritation in tonsils.

Basil Seeds

Holy basil has amazing medicinal properties. It strengthens the immune system to protect the body from various ailments. Make a string of basil seeds that are available in the market.

Basil Seeds

Wear the string around your neck to treat tonsillitis. It is a useful natural cure for tonsillitis among small children.

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Mustard Oil

Mustard oil provides relief from swelling and pain in the throat. Heat mustard oil in a bowl and apply it on your throat where it pains. Wrap a cloth around the neck to help the oil get absorbed in the skin. Warm oil helps to foment the area and it relieves tonsillitis pain.

Pure Ghee (clarified butter)

Pure ghee contains pain relieving properties. It is an excellent natural remedy for tonsillitis. Apply warm pure ghee around the throat and cover the area with a beetle leaf. Tie a cloth to keep the leaf in its place and leave it on overnight.



Honey has a calming effect on painful tonsils. It relieves cough and irritation in the throat. Dissolve one tea spoon honey in half a glass of warm water, add a few drops of lemon juice and sip it slowly after meals. Drink the mixture twice a day to treat tonsillitis.


Take 1 tea spoon grated ginger, 5-7 basil leaves and one big cardamom. Boil them in one glass of water till they’re reduced to half, strain and add one tea spoon honey for sweetening. Drink it slowly while it is hot.

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