6 Natural Cures For Urinary Bladder Infection

Urinary Bladder Infection

UTI (urinary tract infection) and bladder infections are common urological problems among males. This condition may occur as a result of many different causes, including infection due to bacteria and other urinogenital problems. This condition may also cause loss of bladder control, leading to leakage of urine during simple daily activities such as sneezing, laughing and running. Urinary Bladder Infection

This problem can turn worse if not controlled in time.Though there are many effective medications and therapies available for the treatment of bladder infection, it is best to stick to home and natural remedies as they have minimum or no side effects. Listed below are the best natural remedies for bladder infection in males.

Top Natural Cure For Urinary Bladder Infection

Baking soda

Adding just 1 tablespoon of baking soda to a glass of water and consuming it twice a day is thought to bring about amazing benefits to men suffering from bladder infections.

This is because baking soda reduces inflammation of the bladder and reduce the number of bacteria that cause infection.

baking soda

Vitamin C

Vitamin C therapy has helped a huge number of people, even cancer patients. Studies now show that bladder infections in both males and females can be effectively cured by ingesting more vitamin C foods every day. Vitamin C, being acidic in nature, creates an acidic environment in the bladder, which is highly unfavorable for the growth of the harmful bacteria that cause an infection.

Some doctors prescribe their patients atleast 5000mg of vitamin C every day. Though this vitamin is readily available in most fruits, you can also consider taking supplements.

vitamin c


This tropical fruit is loaded with a substance known as bromelain, which is thought to be highly beneficial in the treatment of UTI and bladder infections.

People who supplemented their regular antibiotics with a few servings of pineapple showed better results than those who didn’t.


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Water, an essential part of everyday diet, is now proven to be an excellent natural remedy for bladder infection. Water helps wash away the harmful bacteria that breed in the bladder and cause infection. It also helps prevent the new bacteria from attacking the bladder by cleansing it and flushing away the toxins.

Placing a hot water compress on your lower abdomen helps relieve pain, cramps and inflammation of the bladder.



Blueberries are loaded with bacteria-fighting properties that make it an excellent natural remedy for bladder and urinary tract infections.

Add a generous helping of blueberries to your morning cereal for a great start. This will not only help you reduce infection of the bladder, but also provide you a lot of vitamins and minerals.



Cranberries are thought to be excellent fruits for the natural home treatments of bladder infections. They are from the same family as blueberries, making them amazing in anti microbial action. Consuming 2-4 glasses of cranberry juice a day will bring about a tremendous visible change in your bladder infection and even lessen your pain and cramps.

Also, make it a point to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption for optimum benefits as these substances can reduce the healing effect of the natural foods.