Natural Cures for Allergy Symptoms

In some cases allergy symptoms are seasonal while in other cases the allergies last all year through. Allergies cause congestion, stuffy or runny noses and constant sneezing. These symptoms lead to a heavy head and swelling on the face. Fortunately there are several natural remedies to fight these symptoms.The first step towards curing the allergy is to diagnose the cause. If you are able to do this then you have won half the battle. Some of the common causes of allergies are detergents and soaps, certain aromas, pollen and dust, pets, seasonal changes and certain fabrics. In some cases even medicines cause allergic reactions.

Neti is one of the most popular ways to control allergies. This is a nasal irrigation system that helps to reduce the impact of the allergies and prevents nasal issues. This method is safe and one can use it often as it does not cause dryness in the nasal passage.

Nutrition and diet play an important role in reducing the impact of allergies. If you notice an allergic reaction after eating a certain food then you must avoid eating it completely. This helps to reduce the effect of the allergic reactions.

Dairy products are known to aggravate allergies. Other foods that cause allergic reactions are tomatoes, potatoes, oranges, grape fruits and lemons.

Thus avoiding these foods may helps to reduce allergic reactions. Herbal teas help to relieve the symptoms of the allergies caused by foods. They help to make the mucus thin and eliminate them from the body with ease.

You also need to be aware of factors within your living space that may cause the allergic reaction. A new carpet, cleaning solutions, pets and dust can cause an allergic reaction. Peeling paint is the most common factor that causes allergies.

If your pets are causing allergies then you need to keep them outdoors. Carpets also cause allergies; cleaning them regularly helps to reduce allergic reactions. You could also use charcoal filters to clean the air within your living space.