Natural cures for Angina

Angina is the chest tenderness or uneasiness that takes place when the muscles of the heart do not get enough blood. The main symptoms of angina are the pressure, pain, burning, squeezing and the discomfort and tightness that start from the chest just behind the bones of the breast. This pain can also take place in the jaws, hands, throat, neck, shoulder and back. It is also sometimes characterized by a feeling of suffocation, choking, crushing heaviness, fatigue, nausea and also sweating. The pain of the chest should not be taken casually and can lead to fatal cases of the problems of the cardiac.

Natural cures to angina:

Lemon: Daily use of lemon is one of the simplest ways of preventing angina problems. One has to intake a tablespoon of lemon juice with every diet. Lemon helps in the prevention of accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and in that way prevents in the blockage of the blood vessels. Juice of lemon can also be taken in a glass of warm water as well as consumed by sprinkling it on the salad.

Honey: It is one the best angina remedies. One has to add a few drops of honey in a glass of warm water and mix this decoction with the juice of half the lemon.

This mixture is to be consumed once early in the morning and once before going to bed. This mixture helps in the clearing of blood vessels thereby restricting the creation of the cholesterol inside. Again consumption of the mixture of a teaspoon of holy basil along with a spoonful of honey everyday acts as an effective remedy for curing the disease.

Indian gooseberry: Indian gooseberry is the natural source of vitamin B. It assists in the deterrence of heart diseases and can also be taken in the form of powder as well as juice. It has a valuable importance as medicinal treatment and acts as the natural remedy for treating angina.

Onion: Onion juice acts as a wonderful remedy in treating angina. One should consume raw onion juice everyday early in the morning. This helps in the treating of the disease.

Grapes: Fresh grapes carry a lot of value in treating angina. Grape fruits strengthen the heart by giving full protection from various heart ailments like heart attack, angina pain and help to regulate the intake of breath.