Natural cures for cancer

Cancer is a disease in which a collection of cells grows wildly, attacks, destroys the neighboring tissues, and sometimes spreads to other places of the body with the help of blood or lymph. Cancer is commonly found in the west. In America, Australia and New Zealand, cancer has turned out to be an epidemic while China, Japan and parts of South-east Asia have low rates of the disease. The main cause of the above is the food habit. Besides this, there are other natural reasons if properly taken care of, can save a large chunk of the huge population of mankind from this dreaded disease. There are a lot of ways by which cancer can be treated naturally. Here are some natural cures for cancer:

Cancer diet: Following a strict and healthy diet is the best way to fight cancer. Intake of a totally raw diet is the best way of fighting the disease. Raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and sprouted grains are the best intakes to combat the disease. Raw food is a live foodstuff and possesses the uppermost nutritive importance. It is completely full of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Since cooked food is a dead food, it does not possess these nutritive values to the full extent.

It has been studied that cancer cells multiply in the cooked medium which they disappear in the raw matter. Some fruits and vegetables prevent cancer. Oranges, bananas, grapes and leafy green and yellow vegetables, one to three glasses of carrot juice daily are the food that can prevent cancer as they have all cancer checking vitamins and fiber. These should essentially be the part of daily diet.

Boost immunity: The immune system is the strength of the body. Cancer will never grow at places where the blood is pure and the immune system is at the best possible level. Food is an important factor in the boosting of the immunity of the body. Improper food like dairy products, meat, white sugar, white rice, coffee, soda, tobacco works against the body’s immune system and thereby helps the cancer cells to multiply. These foodstuffs need to be avoided.

Intake of water: One needs to intake huge quantity of water daily. He needs to have at least half the weight of his body quantity of water. A person having 150 lbs weight must intake at least 75 lbs of water daily. The water has to be a soft water which has no minerals in it.

Besides these, daily sunbaths, walking bare feet on the soil, plenty of fresh air, exercising outdoors, eight hours of sleep daily are all the natural contributory factors of boosting the immune system and thereby fighting the deadly disease.