Natural Cures For Dark Circles

One of the most common beauty problems for women is dark coloured circles under the eyes. The only reason behind is that it brings an impression of tiredness and also it makes the person feel worse and rather detrimental to their self esteem. Some of the causes of this problem is lack of sleep, fatigue, prone to allergies, poor nutrition.

One of the most effective ways of removing dark circles can be done by taking eight hours of sleep which is very necessary and is recommended for all. It is advised that a person whose suffering form dark circle should rely on mixture of tomato juice and some mint leaves. He can also consume lemon juice mixed with salt which can be taken almost daily.

Another good natural cure for dark circles can be made through by massaging the area of dark circle with almond oil at night before going to bed. A person with dark circles must eat vegetables and fruits that rich in vitamin E which results in healthy eyes.

Another best natural remedy could be an intake of almonds with a few drops of milk to form a paste. Apply this paste under eyes every morning for 10 minutes. Last but not the least another good remedy is use of sunglasses when going out in sun to protect the eyes from harmful rays.