Natural cures for depression

Stress related mental illness is called depression.  Most people suffering from depression do not look for treatment, although it can help the majority of people. One should immediately consult a doctor as depression is a serious illness and should not be self-treated at all.
There are a number of popular natural cures for depression. Some of them are hereunder:
St. John’s Wort: The herbal remedy of St. John’s wort can brilliantly treat different types of depression. It improves mood and depression by altering the brain chemistry. It comes out in capsules, tablets, liquid extracts, and oil.
Food/ Diet: Reduction in the intake of sweets, low fat dairy products, turkey, bananas, and soy foods helps in boosting of serotinin in the brain, resulting in mood improvement. In addition, avoidance of caffeine and consumption of low alcohol can relax the brain and fight mood swings, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. While magnesium depletes to stress, Vitamin B6 is required to enhance mood.
Exercise: Exercise not only maintains physical health and controls weight; it also improves the sleep and energy level thereby helping us to feel good. Exercise is helpful in treating mild to moderate depression.
Meditation: Meditation has many health benefits like improving mood, anxiety, and stress. Meditation can make oneself feel more at ease and let go one’s negative thoughts that had depressed the individual for a long time.
Supplements: Omega 3 fish oils have very low rate of heart disease. The B-complex vitamins are a must for emotional and mental well being of the depressed persons.
Light Therapy: This type of therapy can be used in treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In SAD cases, depression occurs at a specific time of the year or due to some incidents. To fight depression, people suffering from SAD cases are exposed to bright sunlight that is like being outside on a sunny day. It is widely believed that body clock is regulated largely with the help of exposure to sunlight.
Acupuncture: It is China’s ancient healing remedy that improves mood and symptoms associated with depression like anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, and fatigue thereby acting as an antidepressant.
We should not be confined to standard treatments, but seek advice about natural cures thereby helping ourselves to get better. Extreme cases of depression may lead to suicide. Hence, we must never neglect the disease and should always consult the doctor to keep fit and happy.