Natural cures for dry eye syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is one the commonest problem treated by the eye physicians. It is an eye disease that is caused by decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation commonly found in humans and some animals. The most common problems are burning, stinging and scratching sensation of the eyes. The common cause of dry eyes is the lack of tears or lubricating that is needed to wash away foreign bodies or waste particles.

Natural cures:

Omega-3: A recent study at Harvard showed that people who intake food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (tuna fish, etc.) can lessen their chances of a dry eye syndrome by as much as 70%. Hence Omega-3 fatty acids are an effective way of curing dry eyes. On the contrary, people consuming Omega-6 fatty acids double their risks towards dry eye syndrome.

Allergy medications: It has also been found that regular intake of cold and allergy medications gives high chances to dry eye syndrome. Hence these should be avoided to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

Working environment: Working environment is one of the common factors of the dry eye syndrome. Constant looking into the computers and doing any type of job that has to be visualized minutely in every detail throughout the day causes harm to the retina and eyeball thereby arising many complications of the eyes along with the dry eye syndrome.

Flaxeed oil: Flaxeed oil is highly recommended in getting relief from the dry eye syndrome due to its high level of Omega-3 fatty acids. It should always be taken orally and should never be applied directly into the eyes. Cold compressed flaxeed oil is the most effective variety of curing dry eye syndrome. Cold squeezing/ compressing involves taking out the oil from the seeds.

Vitamin A (Beta carotene): Dry eye syndrome can also be the result of deficiency in vitamin A, though it is rare in US. Intake of foods which are high in Vitamin A like carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes and fish oil can help in arresting the disease. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to functioning of the brain as well as closely associated with the health of the eyes.

Besides the above, hyaluronic acid, N-Acetyl-L Cysteine, evening primrose, Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate, etc. are some natural ingredients that help in curing dry eye syndrome.