Natural cures for earache

Ear is the most important part of the human body and is used both for hearing and balancing the body. Earache is a common medical problem for both adults and children. It is the pain in either one or both the ears which can be sharp as well as dull and burning too. There are a number of home remedies or natural cure to ear ache problems.

Natural cures:

Onion juice: Putting 2-3 drops of warm onion juice in each ear is a very simple and effective natural cure to the earache problem.

Mango leaf juice: Warm the extracts of tender mango leaves and put 4-5 drops of the warm juice in the aching ear at a time. After sometime the earache will subside. This is an effective natural remedy to earache.

Garlic juice: The antibiotic quality of garlic juice helps a lot in curing the pain of the ear. One has to put in a small amount of garlic juice in the aching ear. Sometime later the earache will disappear.

Chewing gum: Sometimes sudden rise in altitude can give rise to ear pain. In such a case just chewing gum or yawning helps in contracting the muscles and opening of Eustachian tubes of the ear. This is one of the popular natural ways to cure the earache crisis.

Mustard oil: Heat two teaspoons of mustard oil with two to three pieces of garlic until it turns black. Then it should be allowed to cool and after that three drops of that oil are to be put by the side of the ear. Furthermore, another way of curing earache is by putting one to two drops of mustard oil in the ear daily so as to prevent any infection of the ear. These are very effective natural methods to relief earache.

Essential oil: Mix one tablespoon of almond carrier oil with 2 drops of lavender essential oil, two drops of chamomile oil and three drops of tea tree essential oil and warm this mixture. Put two drops of this mixture thrice a day to cure the ear ache naturally.

Besides these, sesame oil along with garlic cloves, hot salt bags are some of the useful and natural ways of curing earache. If the above remedies are followed, one can easily cure the earache naturally.