Natural Cures for Enlarged Prostate BPH

Individuals suffering from BPH or enlarged prostate has nothing to fear as it is not prostate cancer. This condition is prevalent among aged men specially those who have crossed 50 years of age.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is simply not a plain case of many prostate cells but also includes hormones and also occurs in different tissues in different men. Due to this factor, varied treatments are used for different cases of individuals. BPH has no cure and when the growth of prostate starts, it continues until some medical therapy starts.

Enlargement of prostate gland, frequent urination, slow flow of urine, urgent need to urinate and difficulty in starting the urine, etc. are some of the symptoms of enlarged prostate BPH. There are a number of natural remedies to BPH.

Some of them are as follows:

Diet: Food is extremely important in combating of enlarged prostate BPH. Individuals suffering from the ailment should consume typical foods that contain a high concentration of zinc. There are certain properties in zinc that helps to shrink the prostate. Additionally, diet that has a low amount of fat, total avoidance of saturated fat diets, daily intake of 2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil in the diet, along with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, both of rich in zinc content, helps to combat the BPH successfully.

Goldenseal: This antibiotic is extremely powerful and helps to treat the enlarged prostate BPH effectively. It kills almost all the bacteria that are responsible for this condition of the body. Goldenseal effectively calms and restores to health the urinary tract and also helps to contract the swollen prostate.

Bee Pollen: About 80% of benign prostatic hypertrophy cases have been solved with the intake of bee pollen. The remaining individuals whose case has not been solved immediately with the intake of bee pollen, their case has been successfully resolved within a few months. Bee pollen has been particularly effectively if consumed at the earlier stages of the ailment. It also helps to shrink the gland successfully.

These are some of the vital natural treatments for enlarged prostate BPH. If the problem is serious, then it is advisable to consult expert professionals.