4 Natural Cures To Gas Pain


4 Natural Cures To Gas Pain

Gas pains are the result of swallowed air when you eat in haste. Gas is also caused when undigested food is broken down by certain bacteria. Gas comprises of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, CO2 and often methane that are odorless. However, the unpleasant odor is that of sulfur released by bacteria. Painful and embarrassing – gas pains can dread people to the extent that they do not enjoy any food.

Although over-the-counter drugs are used by many, there are some simple natural ways to cure gas pains with no side effects.


Peppermint For Gas Pain

This effective gas pain remedy consists of menthol, an antispasmodic. Menthol prevents intestinal cramps or gas creating blocks. Just add few drops of it to water and take the solution prior to or after every meal. You can also take the solution whenever gas pain occurs.


Tea relieves gas pains a great deal. There is a wide variety of tea such as anise tea, chamomile, ginger tea, etc. that can be sipped to get instant relief from gas pains. You can drink any of these teas after every meal or when gas pain occurs. It should be remembered that tea should not be taken along with meals because this would dilute some stomach acids resulting in improper digestion.

Tea For Gas Pain


Well known as an effective digestive stimulant, ginger normalizes the peristalsis. This gives instant relief to gas pains or constipation and prevents conditions of diarrhea. As improper digestion causes gas, ginger improves the digestion process. It boosts growth of Lactobacillus, the friendly bacteria, and inhibits growth of salmonella and E.coli.

Although papaya is a good alternative to ginger, the amount of papaya taken to heal conditions of gas pains will be a multiple of the ginger amount. However, one should not take ginger in excess as it might result in irritation in the mouth and heartburn. Also people with gallstones should avoid ginger. You can take ginger in capsule form or just slice it and chew it. Ginger can be brewed into tea and also be taken as ginger ale. You can also take a ginger candy for instant relief.

Ginger For Gas Pain

Cumin (Cuminum Cyminum)

Cumin starts working right from the moment one smells it. Cumin is a well known digestion booster since ancient times. Cumin’s odor activates the salivary glands. In addition, cumin comprises of Thymol that boosts digestive enzymes secretion from the pancreas. Thymol also stimulates bile secretion resulting in a smooth digestion process. Since gas occurs chiefly because of improper or slow digestion, cumin helps a great deal by boosting digestion.

However, cumin as a gas pain healer is not to be recommended to pregnant women as it might cause abortion. You can season your foods with cumin. Cumin can be brewed into tea or be taken in capsule form. Cumin oil is also helpful in curing gas pains naturally. In addition, there are certain exercises that help cure gas pains.

Cumin For Gas Pain

Stretching is one of them. A long walk is also helpful because it stretches the abdomen and hence relieves the pain. In case of unbearable pain, you can lie on your back, pull up your knees to touch your chest and take deep breaths. A gentle massage on the upper intestine is also an effective natural cure to gas pains.

Natural Cures To Gas Pain