Natural cures for healthy heart

Heart is a powerfully built organ that is found in all vertebrates which is in charge of the propelling of blood all through the blood vessels of the body by regular and repeated expansion and contraction. The chief task of the heart is to drive the oxygenated blood right through the body and to compel back the deoxygenated blood to the lungs for its cleansing. The main heart disorders are: i) Coronary heart disease, ii) Artiosclerosis, iii) Cardiomyopathy and iv) Angina Pectoris. One can have a healthy heart by simply following some natural remedies. Some common and useful natural cures to healthy heart are mentioned below:

Exercise: Exercise is the most effective way of improving the heart conditions. One must exercise at least 20-30 minutes daily (preferably aerobic exercise) to keep the heart healthy and stable. As the heart is a muscle, regular exercise is necessary to make it strong else, there are full chances that it will become flabby resulting in a number of heart ailments.

Yoga: Stress is considered to be the main factor of the present day heart diseases. Yoga is a gentle form of exercise and an alternative method of healing.  Since it is not an aerobic exercise, it does not lead to the straining of heart conditions. Yoga can be performed widely in sitting positions, on the floor and even in bed. The powers of yoga have been widely connected to avert and take care of various heart ailments. It is considered to be a stress reliever.

Meditation: It is mainly recommended for managing stress and tension and helps in bringing the peace and calmness of mind. If one can manage the stress and tension, the condition of the heart can automatically improve.

Research has proven that regular practice of meditation cannot only strengthen the heart but also have significant health benefits for the body as a whole. These results reveal that meditation has a deep and profound influence on the heart and its activity.

Lemon: Daily intake of lemon helps in preventing the accumulation of fat or cholesterol in the blood vessels. This helps in the proper functioning of the heart and is considered as one of the useful heart care cures.

Honey: Intake the mixture of a tablespoon of honey with half a lemon in a glass of water and drink it before going to bed or early in the morning. This is a very good remedy for any heart problems. Honey, in fact, is one of the excellent natural remedies for heart care.

Besides these, beet, garlic, parsley, fresh grapes, green vegetables are also naturally responsible for a healthy heart.